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Honda Pilot SUV is big draw for buyers

American Honda sold 9,954 units of its Pilot (pictured) sport-utility vehicle in July, an increase of 8% over July 2010 and the sole bright spot in the Japanese car company's late-summer sales report. And things are only going to get better as Honda gets ready to introduce the all-new 2012 Pilot to potential buyers.


"We look forward to improved inventory levels in the coming months as most of our North American facilities begin to return to full production in August," John Mendel, American Honda executive vice president of sales, told reporters on Monday.

"On top of that good news, customers will have two significantly updated Honda products to choose from this month with the refreshed 2012 Pilot and Fit hitting dealer lots soon."

The Accord was the top-selling Honda in July. The 18,308 Accords sold represent a 25.1% plunge compared with 2010. The all-new Civic had 14,006 sales, down 37.4%.

Overall July sales of 80,502 vehicles add up to a 25.6% sales drop compared to year-ago levels. But American Honda's year-to-date sales hit 687,944, which is a reduction of just 2.6% vs. 2010.

There have been 178 selling days through Aug. 1 for 2011, the same number of selling days through Aug. 1, 2010.

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Image source: American Honda