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Ducati 1199 shows off its face in leaked photo

Posted: June 27, 2011 - 1:10PM
Author: Roman Rosa
Italian magazine Motociclismo has somehow gotten a hold of leaked studio photographs of the Ducati 1199, several months ahead of what was supposed to be a November revealing at the EICMA Milan motorcycle show.


According to the magazine, the full story of the leaked photos will come out next week. They claim that it will be a full reveal as if we were to be at the show. Motociclismo is quoted saying: "On Motorcycling in July, accompanied by annotations and stylistic techniques, high resolution pictures will take you to the discovery of the "beast" ... as if we were already at the Milan Show, when the red most anticipated of all time will be officially presented." (Translated from Italian by Google.)

New Ducati Superbikes are always big news. They have a much longer design cycle than the Japanese do, and since the design has to last so many years, it needs to be modern and fresh, even after five years of looking at it.

This specific model has been revolutionary in many respects, replacing many parts that have been considered sacred to the faithful Ducatisti. Gone is the steel-tube trellis frame that has been the backbone of every modern Ducati Superbike. In its place is the engine acting as the main part of the frame, with carbon fiber spars bolting to the front and back to attach some mildly important parts like the front forks, seat, and rear wheel.

Even if you don't care about Ducati or even despise it, you have to be curious. Ducati is a trend setter and every motorcycle company curiously watches to see what Ducati does. A positive trend for all of us has been the price drops of every new model Superbike that Ducati has put out. We can all hope that continues.

Stay tuned for next week, we'll bring you the English version and photos.

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