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You Can Help Chevrolet Donate a Million Dollars to the American Cancer Society

You can help Chevrolet donate one million dollars to support breast cancer research without doing anything more than click a link through your Facebook or Twitter profile as part of the new Purple Your Profile fundraising campaign.

February is “Think Pink” month but on February 4th – it is all about purple as that was the color chosen to represent World Cancer Day and Chevrolet’s new Purple Your Profile campaign is designed with 2-4-14 in mind. Between now and February 4th, Chevrolet asks Facebook and Twitter users to add a purple haze to their profile picture and for every account that goes to that purple treatment on their profile image, Chevrolet will donate $1 to the American Cancer Society. Chevrolet will donate up to $1 million dollars to the American Cancer Society as part of this program so if one million people change their profile to purple – GM will reach its total goal.

To provide an example of what it means to Purple Your Profile, the image above shows a 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Facebook profile picture on the left and the same image that has been “purpled” for this fundraising effort.

Is it really feasible for a million people to Purple Their Profile and help Chevrolet donate $1,000,000 to the American Cancer Society?

According to a report from October 2013, around 500 million people use Facebook so if ONLY Facebook users participate in this program, Chevrolet would only need about one fifth of one percent of FB users to turn their profile pictures purple by February 4th 2014. Considering that the Chevrolet FB page has over 2.3 million fans and the Chevrolet Camaro FB page has almost 3.5 million fans, Chevy Camaro fans alone could help the American automaker reach their million dollar goal but that shouldn’t stop everyone out there who has Facebook and/or Twitter from doing their part and ‘purpling’ their profile.

Whether or not you are a fan of the Chevrolet brand or General Motors as a whole, the American Cancer Society is an organization who can have a very positive impact on all of our lives through cancer research programs and support systems for those people undergoing cancer treatment (among other things).

If you are reading this article and you have Facebook, Twitter or both you should click here and go through the very simple steps to purple your profile. The app will simply take whatever picture that you are using for your profile picture and turn it purple and you are done. You have just effectively donated a dollar to the American Cancer Society with just a couple clicks.

I am not sure if Chevrolet wants everyone to purple their profile and keep it purple until February 4th or if it is just a matter of clicking the virtual buttons and having a purple profile for a day or so but I plan to leave my profiles purple through February 5th to be safe.

Again, click this link to visit the Chevrolet website to Purple Your Profile to donate a dollar to the American Cancer Society and help GM reach their goal of one million dollars donated for World Cancer Day.


Robin (not verified)    February 4, 2014 - 6:09PM

Way to many family and friends have passed away from one form of cancer or another. So sad !!