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Lingenfelter Builds Chevy Silverado Fans a Proper Ford F150 Raptor Fighter

Since the Ford F150 SVT Raptor was introduced, Chevrolet Silverado fans haven’t been able to do any more than piece together a truck that will compete with the Raptor but the folks at Lingenfelter are looking to change that with their new Chevrolet Reaper package.

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The Ford F150 SVT Raptor is built to handle the roughest terrain without any hesitation and the new Chevrolet Reaper follows those same design and engineering cues. The Reaper is built by Southern Comfort Automotive with support from Lingenfelter Performance and this wicked half ton Chevy truck begins up front with a full facial redesign. The headlights of the 2014 Silverado are retained by the Reaper wears a unique high clearance bumper with a strikingly different grille, a reinforced ski plate, integrated flood lights, ultra bright daytime LED running lights and a hood that gives the Reaper a far more aggressive look than the standard 2014 Silverado. There are also some optional 17 inch beadlock wheels that are similar to those seen on the 2014 Raptor and a bedside decal that is also remarkably similar to the bedside graphics offered for the SVT F150. All of these features serve to make the Reaper much meaner looking than your standard 2014 Silverado but many of these features make it easier to race through the desert or the woods whether it is day or night.

To improve the performance of the Chevrolet Reaper, this modded up Silverado features a similar offroad ready suspension system by Fox Racing that is similar to – you guessed it – the system in the F150 Raptor along with a free flowing Corsa performance exhaust system that adds power and attitude. Those who really want to make sure that their Chevy Reaper will beat up the SVT F150 Raptor can opt for the Lingenfelter supercharger package that should allow the standard engines of the 2014 Silverado to make more than enough power to whomp on the Raptor.

The Chevy Reaper package is finished off with serialized badging, an auxiliary interior switch panel, unique gauges and a set of custom embroidered headrests with the Reaper logo.

The Chevrolet Reaper website doesn’t include pricing for the complete package but considering the level of modification to the front end alone; I would guess that the price of the basic Chevrolet Silverado plus the Reaper package might push the vehicle over the $44k MSRP of the Ford F150 Raptor. We do know that the Lingenfelter supercharger package adds $6,950 to the final price so regardless of the Reaper package price, it is pretty much guaranteed that the supercharged Reaper will cost you more than your dealership issue Raptor.

Even though the Chevrolet Reaper might carry a bigger price tag than the Ford F150 SVT Raptor, this truck appears to be the best option for Chevy truck fans to finally fight back against the previously unchallenged Raptor. The Reaper website indicates that these supercharged Silverado pickups (and the non-supercharged ones, too) will be sold through a select group of Chevrolet dealerships and that should make purchasing these Reaper pickups a whole lot easier.

Can the Chevrolet Reaper really challenge the Ford F150 SVT Raptor in terms of sales volume? I would guess not but those diehard Chevy fans who want to spend some money to beat that obnoxious neighbor with the Raptor through the desert – your answer is coming.

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