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Refreshed Ferrari California coming to Geneva

Ferrari has just announced that when the Geneva Motor Show opens in March, the Italian supercar builder will unveil a mid-cycle refresh for the popular Ferrari California that adds power and cuts weight from the high performance hard-topped convertible although the only visual changes will come in the way of new paint types and colors.

The key changes for the 2012 Ferrari California begin with a new exhaust manifold design and ECU tuning that bumps the power from 460 to 490 horsepower to go with the 373lb-ft of torque from the 4.3L V8. Also, thanks to advanced aluminum chassis design technology, the 2012 Ferrari California will weigh 66 pounds less than the outgoing model. The result of the added power and reduced weight is a hard top convertible Ferrari that will dash from 0-62 miles per hour in just 3.8 seconds. The company has not stated a change in top speed but you would think that the increase in power and decrease in weight would also allow the 2012 California to best the current model’s 193 mile per hour limit…even if only a bit.

Next, the 2013 Ferrari California will feature an optional Handling Speciale package that begins with new magnetorheological dampers that work with a specially retuned ECU to allow the self adjusting suspension to work 50% faster than previous versions of the high tech handling system. Next, the Handling Speciale package adds stiffer springs all around to improve body control and thanks to a new steering box, the 2012 California fitted with the Handling Speciale package offers a 10% quicker turning ratio. These features all work together to allow the properly equipped 2012 California to handle better than the current models while the new power to weight ratio handles the rest of the performance attributes.

Finally, while buyers of the 2012 Ferrari California will not notice much of a difference on the outside, there are some slight changes for the new model year. This begins with a broader choice of exterior color options courtesy of the Ferrari Styling Centre. Included in these new exterior options are various two tone utilizing Ferrari’s three layer paint process with configuration capabilities that will allow new owners a higher level of personalization.

Ferrari has not stated what kind of price changes will accompany these new features but with the new California listed as a 2012 model year vehicle; the new California models should be hitting dealerships around the world soon. Perhaps the Maranello based supercar builder will use the Geneva Motor Show launch of the new California to introduce any changes in price that accompany the extra power and improved performance.


Nicolas Zart    February 16, 2012 - 11:31PM

I'm excited about what Ferrari is doing these last few years. The California was the first to rekindle with that passion we associate with the Italian brand in well over a decade. I love the new one also. I was cruising along one with my Alfa Romeo and it was fun feasting on the lines. Ferrari dropped the ball in the aesthetics department since the F40, as far as my tastes are concerned. Following the 308 was a tough act indeed but every edition after was not great, until the 355. Then the California finally reintroduced less focus on the dry aerodynamic efficiency and more on the aesthetics while still maintaining aerodynamics. Simply brilliant. Now when will the Germans take up the challenge?