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New Shots of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Showing the Engine and Car Surface

On Tuesday we looked at a picture of the Hellcat Hemi engine that will power the next generation SRT Challenger sitting on a factory engine stand from our friend The Mopar Man and today, The Mopar Man has new, spicy shots of the Hellcat Hemi in the Challenger’s engine bay along with some spy shots showing what we believe to be the new SRT Challenger.

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The image that we brought you on Tuesday showed what looked to be the supercharged Hellcat Hemi sitting on the type of engine stand that is very common in an assembly plant, leading us to believe that the engine in question was about to be installed into an SRT Charger or Challenger. That simple image gave us our best look yet at the Hellcat from the side, but this newest image (shown above) gives us the best close up look from above thus far.

While this picture is obviously captured with a cell phone, thus the quality is far from the best, you can clearly see that the top of the valve cover reads “Supercharged HEMI”. We can also see the same supercharger housing that we have seen in previous spy shots and in the cell phone shot that we discussed on Tuesday. This picture shows that there is a large airbox on the driver’s side of the engine bay, but we cannot see how the air is routed from that huge airbox and into the supercharger. Really, this image doesn’t reveal all that much outside of the fact that valve covers will boast of the fact that this beast is supercharged…just in case the big top-mounted supercharger doesn’t make that obvious enough.

In addition to the engine bay shot clearly showing the Hellcat Hemi engine, The Mopar Man also has a ton of spy shots showing the newest SRT Challenger. In addition to the same features that differentiate the non-SRT 2015 Challengers from the current models, the 2015/2016 SRT Challenger wears a distinctly set of wheels, massive brakes all around and a unique hood that is very similar to the hood used on the 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda with a raised center section following a front-mounted scoop to feed to get cold air into the engine bay. These spy shots also have black and white camo between the new 2015 taillights and on the driver’s side of the new grille – leading me to believe that there will be some new badging on the grille and perhaps maybe a unique rear center panel between the taillights.

What is most interesting is that the hood scoop shown in the spy shots of the cars believed to be the Hellcat powered SRT Challengers pulls air from the front-middle of the engine bay…while the underhood shots show that the engine appears to pull its air from behind the driver’s side headlight. Based on that, there seems to be a decent chance that the scoop is added to provide cooling air into the engine bay rather than to feed the supercharged Hemi.

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