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The 2015 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus Caught in the Wild

2015 Dodge Challenger test mules have been running around the Metro Detroit area for months now, but with the New York debut of the new look, the camouflage is coming off of these mules and I recently stumbled across one in Milford – offering a good idea as to what to expect from the 2015 Challenger SXT Plus.

Considering what I do for a living, I have developed quite an eye for catching “special” vehicles out in the wild and while some of the camo has been removed, the black and white vinyl on the front end of this 2015 Dodge Challenger test mule caught my eye in a big way. Fortunately, this car was parked in a Walmart lot, so I was able to check it out up close while the driver was inside shopping. I was quick to inspect the undercarriage and the area behind the new grille for anything that would suggest that this was a Hellcat model, but it was quickly appeared to be a V6 model. Not as exciting as finding a Hellcar model – but still exciting to see a new Challenger in the wild with the key features exposed.

2015 challenger sxt side

The most significant aspect of seeing this 2015 Dodge Challenger out in the wild is that I got to see what features the V6-powered models will have when they hit showrooms later this year. Based on the long list of obvious higher end features like the adaptive cruise control (based on the black orb in the lower grille), the LED trimmed HID projection headlights, the rear spoiler, the interior amenities (which I didn’t get a good picture of on account of the low quality of my cell phone camera) and the strikingly sporty wheels, I believe that this is an SXT Plus test mule. Should that assessment be correct, I would guess that the new V6 models will offer all of the features as the R/T models, just without the Hemi V8. The most enticing aspect of this test car for me is that super aggressive wheel design. These wheels are vastly more aggressive than anything offered on past SXT models so if Dodge does offer these wheels on the 2015 Challenger SXT, it will bring a whole new level of sportiness to the “base model”.

2015 challenger sxt rear

In the past, you could look at a V6 Challenger and say “that is clearly a V6 models” – but with the 2015 models it looks as though the Challenger SXT will have a nearly identical appearance to the non-Shaker Hemi models. Honestly, I wasn’t entire sure what trimline this Challenger was until the driver got in and started it up. That will most certainly make the lower price models more appealing to buyers who want the same muscular look of the R/T, but they don’t need or want the big power. The same appears to be true of the interior, as this car had the new infotainment system and the sexy new gauge cluster so it certainly appears as though you won’t need to buy a Hemi model to get all of the other higher end features on the 2015 Challenger.

Click any of the thumbnails above for a closer look at more images of this 2015 Challenger SXT mule.