2014 Dodge Challenger and 2015 compared
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A Side by Side Exterior Comparison of the 2014 and 2015 Dodge Challenger

We have been busy sorting through all of the exciting details on the 2015 Dodge Challenger since the car debuted last week at the New York International Auto Show and now that the smoke from the debut event has cleared – it is time to take a closer look at what makes the exterior design of the 2015 Challenger different from the 2014 models in dealerships today.

While the vast majority of the exterior design of the 2015 Dodge Challenger has remained relatively unchanged compared to the 2014 models, the 2015 models underwent a 1971-esque refresh that affected both the front and rear ends with a significant level of detail.

Up front, the 2015 Dodge Challenger changed start at the hood, where the “power bulge” design has returned, but the raised portion of the hood is now slightly taller on the backside and more chiseled from front to back while the intake openings are larger and have a new filled design. Next, while the basic design of the upper fascia remains unchanged, pretty much everything inside of it is new.

The dual headlight design is preserved, but the 2015 models have lenses that are both slightly smaller and filled with sharp new LED trim – that some other folks might call “angel eyes”. Between those headlights are the new dual opening grille, which was taken directly from the nose of the 1971 Challenger and while the blacked out grille on the 392 Hemi Scat Pack Shaker doesn’t allow us to see much detail of the new grille, the images shown here with chrome grille trim work perfectly to highlight this new 1971-like feature. The lower front fascia is also new, beginning with the “bumper” area that splits the upper and lower openings with a new accent line running through the middle along with new projection fog lights and a large lower opening that sits upside down relative to the 2014 Challenger.

Finally, the mesh filler from the 2014 models has been replaced through the lower fascia opening with horizontal bars that flank the mysterious black orb that works with the cruise control and collision avoidance systems.

2013 challenger front

2015 challenger front

Aside from the wheel options, the view from the side of the 2015 Dodge Challenger really hasn’t changed much, but the back end is a very different story. Starting at the top, the 2015 Challenger features a new low profile decklid spoiler with a sunken down center section, as opposed to the 2014 Challenger spoiler that is straight from side to side. Next, the taillight panel is a slightly larger and the huge taillight lens that ran across the entire width of the rump is gone – replaced by a new set of smaller LED race track taillights with a split design down the middle of each. The lower rear fascia has new sculpting and the black portion of the lower fascia is more prominent, with wider, flatter tailpipes nestled into the large blacked out lower portion…but casual onlookers are likely to miss all of that detail due to the striking new taillights.

2013 challenger rear

2015 challenger rear

The changes made to the 2015 Dodge Challenger really don’t change that much about the vehicle. In fact, it seems that someone could upfit the 2015 grille, headlights, hood and taillights to an older Challenger and achieve the same exterior appearance as the new models, but these aesthetic changes should help entice new buyers along with attracting those Mopar fans who want to have the latest, greatest thing. This new Challenger might not be the revolutionary change that some fans who wanted a smaller, more Mustang-like Challenger, but there is no question that the brawny Mopar muscle car has gotten even sexier for 2015.

It should be noted that we are looking at pictures of a 2013 Dodge Challenger R/T Classic in Plum Crazy and a 2015 Dodge Challenger SXT in B5 Blue. I have chosen these two models, as the 2015 R/T models shown in company photography all have the Shaker hood and I wanted a style that better displayed the differences between the standard 2015 Challenger styling and what we know of current models. The physical design of the 2013 and 2014 Challenger were the same.

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According to the Dodge press kit, B5 Blue isn't available on the 2015 Challenger SXT or SXT Plus but a color called "Jazz Blue Pearl Coat" is. Since no other blue is available on the 2015 SXT, I believe that's the color shown here. In the photos I've seen, it does look like a pearl coat paint and is a beautiful color in my opinion that transforms the car.
Any more information about the Tail lights fitment on older model challengers?
I'm a couple years late lol but it can be done but you have to change bumper and it needs a special wire harness. My car was just completed today. I have a 2014 R/T and I changed front and rear bumper with lights added oem camera spoiler sort steering wheel all to 2016 SUCCESSFULLY
I`m rebuilding a wrecked 09 Challenger SRT-8 for myself . I want to install the 15+ bumper,fenders,hood,and headlamps. It looks like the fenders and hood are direct fit. Did you need to replace or modify the radiator support on yours. And is the headlamp harness available? The newer headlamps and grille are so much nicer. Thanks, Hank
No, that is definitely B5.
I would say it's 98% bs. The sheet metal around the rear tailights is the same, but you probably need the entire rear valence and possibly bumper cover. And the wiring harness for the deck lid and left and right side lights. I thought about it but not until I find someone willing to tear apart their new car just so I can look.. I'm thinking not happening soon., lol
Can you upgrade the front grill and lights and the rear tail lights to the older model challengers
Are the new headlights compatible with the 2013 model ?
hi, i want to convert my 2010 chilly to 2015