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Stellantis is Recalling Over 300,000 2018-2021 Dodge Chargers and Chrysler 300s Because of Faulty Air Bag Inflators

This recall is worrisome because it does not involve the notorious Takata air bag inflators that killed more than two dozen people.

Stellantis is letting drivers know that FCA US LLC is voluntarily recalling over 300,000 2018-2021 Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 sedans. The recall will replace the vehicle’s side air bag inflatable curtain modules. The majority of the vehicles, 284,982 were sold in the U.S. However, an additional 10,285 vehicles are being recalled in Canada, 3,502 in Mexico, and 18,820 others are being recalled worldwide.   

Stellantis says in the recall report that a routine review of customer feedback led to an investigation. After reviewing seven customer complaints they discovered certain vehicles may have been equipped with side air bag curtain inflators that were exposed to moisture during the supplier’s manufacturing process. The exposure to moisture can cause the inflator to corrode leading to a potential rupture. At least five different incidents occurred.

“Should this occur, inflator material may be discharged inside the vehicle and cause injury.”

Of the vehicles being recalled in the U.S., 217,802 are Dodge Chargers and 67,180 are Chrysler 300s.

Prior Takata Air Bag Inflator Problems

Stellantis is quick to point out that these inflators do not use the same propellant or inflator design as previously recalled Takata air bags. Stellantis and FCA are unaware of any related injuries or accidents because of these air bag inflators. According to the recall statement, of five incidents investigated, all occurred when the vehicle’s interior temperature exceeded 120F. These air bag inflators were built by the company, Joyson Safety Systems, that bought what was left of Takata after it went bankrupt. It is unclear how many other automakers may have used similar side air bag curtain inflators.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, approximately 67 million Takata air bags were recalled because their air bags could explode when deployed, causing serious injuries or death.  More than thirty people were killed by the exploding air bags. The Takata air bag recalls affected nearly every automaker and forced Takata into bankruptcy. The recalls for different companies too over a decade to unfold and NHTSA estimates that millions of vehicles still haven't been repaired. 

How Stellantis and FCA Will Fix the Problem

According to Stellantis, the problem is estimated to exist in less than one percent of the recalled vehicles. The company is urging customers to follow the instructions on their recall notices until their recall service can be completed. Owners may also visit online search engines such as mopar/ or or to learn if their vehicles are affected. The NHTSA number for this recall is 24V-198. The Stellantis number for the recall is 19B.


The company is acquiring parts so dealers will be equipped to replace the side air bag curtain inflator modules free of charge. FCA US will notify dealers and begin notifying owners on or about 05/03/2024.


Again, the recall is limited to certain 2018-2021 Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 sedans. Customers with additional questions or concerns may contact their dealers or call (800) 853-1403.


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