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The most powerful Ferrari ever to debut on Feb 29th

Ferrari introduced a new video yesterday morning teasing what the Italian automaker is calling the “most powerful Ferrari ever” – presumably leading to the world debut of the new Ferrari F620 GT.

The Ferrari F620 GT is effectively the replacement to the Ferrari 599 – with a substantial increase in power coming from a new naturally aspirated 7.3L V12 that is expected to offer somewhere in the area of 700 horsepower. This is the same engine that is reportedly being developed for the new Ferrari F70, which is set to replace the famed Ferrari Enzo with a power output in the range of 920 horsepower. Like the 599, the F620 GT will be a two seat, front engine, rear drive layout featuring a 7-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox. However, being lighter, more aerodynamic and more powerful than the outgoing 599; the F620 GT will very likely be faster than the model that it is replacing. However, for the folks in Maranello going so far as to boast the F620 GT as being the fastest Ferrari ever – this new model will certainly be one incredible piece of machinery. 700 horsepower would make the F620 GT the most powerful road-going car ever to wear the Ferrari prancing stallion – ranking it above the likes of the famous Ferrari Enzo and the new Ferrari FF (both of which offer 651 horsepower) and putting it among some of the fastest Ferrari track-only models of all time.

The video released yesterday via Ferrari’s YouTube account begins very boldly, proclaiming that on February 29th 2012, “the most powerful Ferrari ever is about to take its bow”. The video then takes us to Pista di Fiorano race course where a garage door rolls open and out screams a masked supercar – presumably the new Ferrari F620 GT. The next 13 seconds after the masked test car pulls out of the garage is packed full of moving shots of the mystery car in action – giving us a great chance to hear the new 7.3L V12 screaming its way around the race track. The video finishes by proclaiming that ‘a new era of extreme V12 cars dawns’ on February 29th 2012.

The new Ferrari F620 GT is slated to make its auto show debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show but it seems that Ferrari will unveil the new supercar on Leap Day 2012. There hasn’t been any other information as to how the F620 GT will be unveiled on the 29th but we all lustfully wait for the introduction of the most powerful Ferrari ever.

Think about that…the most powerful car ever offered in the fabled history of the legendary Ferrari brand is only 8 days away.

Anyways, make sure that your speakers are turned up and enjoy the video below of what we expect to be the new Ferrari F620 GT in action.