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The Jeep Wrangler Blue Crush attacks Moab

While some of the Moparized Jeep models making their public debut at the 2011 Easter Jeep Safari on April 16th are production vehicles with a handful of Mopar accessories added to make them even more capable – the Wrangler Blue Crush is an outrageous purpose built vehicle that would be hard pressed the fit in on any public road.


This vehicle began as a 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited but when Mopar was done, the Blue Crush is strict ready for the off-road course. Under the hood, Mopar has installed a 426 cubic inch Hemi, churning out 540 horsepower via a Chrysler 545RFE performance-built transmission and a gear-drive transfer case. This drivetrain provides enough power to push through just about every off-road situation while also likely giving the Blue Crush an insane top speed on the open plains.

Looking at the picture above, it should be clearly evident that Mopar put a tremendous amount of work into the suspension setup with a full off-road race ready layout featuring internal bypass shocks, a front stabilizer bar and a fully hydraulic steering system. 39” off-road tires are driven by custom driveshafts and completing the rough and rugged yet purpose built design is a baja style roll cage, a fuel cell race bucket seats and lightweight off-road bumpers. As you can see, the massive roll cage has a portion that replaces the windshield which makes street-driving that much more illegal – in case the rest of this Wrangler-on-Roids wasn’t enough to get the local PD interesting in asking you a few questions if you were cruising around in the Wrangler Blue Crush onto the open road.

The Mopar Wrangler Blue Crush will make its public debut on April 16th at the 2011 Easter Jeep Safari and while we surely can’t expect to see anything like this at the dealership, this vehicle displays how expansive the off-roading aftermarket is for the new Wrangler.

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