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Honda launches recall of Ridgeline for spare tire risks

The National Traffic Highway Safety Administration and American Honda Motor Company have just announced a recall of 2011 and 2012 model year versions of the Honda Ridgeline pickup due to an inconsistency between the spare tire and the spare tire information placard – an issue that could lead to improper inflation of the spare tire and in the worst case scenario, this could cause an accident.


The exact cause of this new Honda Ridgeline recall is that the information printing on the tire information placard in the driver’s side door jamb may not have the correct inflation information for the spare tire. This could cause an owner using the spare tire to either over- or under-inflate the tire and doing so could lead to drivability issues and the increased risk of a crash. These information placards are required under US Federal law and it should go without saying that it is also required by law for the information printed on these placards to match the actual information for the tires so these vehicles are being recalled due to failure to comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #110 – Tire Selection and Rims for Motor Vehicles.

This recall specifically affects 2011 and 2012 model year Honda Ridgeline pickups built between August 25th, 2011 and November 29th, 2011 so while the NHTSA has not stated just how many Ridgelines are included in the recall – the relatively small production window coupled with lackluster sales of the unibody pickup should have this recall reaching a fairly small number of consumers. The good news is that, as safety recalls may go, this Ridgeline recall presents very little danger to the owners – especially those who have never needed to use their spare tire.

American Honda has reported that they have already begun contacting owners of the affected Ridgeline pickups, asked that they return to their local Honda dealership where a technician will inspect the spare tire and the tire information placard. Should any changes be needed, the dealership will replace the spare tire, the tire information placard, or both and all of this work will be performed free of charge. For more information, Honda Ridgeline owners can contact American Honda at 1-800-999-1009.

If you own a Honda Ridgeline and have not yet heard from the automaker yet you are using (or have used) your spare tire, it is always best to use the inflation information stamped on the side of the tire rather than relying on the information on the door jamb placard.