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Honda Civic Wagon Concept coming to Geneva, teased in new artwork

Honda of Europe has announced that among the company debuts at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show will be the Honda Civic Wagon Concept – with the image on the right offering us our first look at the new 5-door version of the popular compact.


The Honda Civic Wagon Concept shown in the artwork on the right looks almost like a minivan with the elongated roofline and massive wheels but if we had to guess, the Civic Wagon that debuts next month in Geneva Switzerland will look a great deal more like the other Civics sold in the European market. This will include proportions that are more like the current production model Civic – especially the current hatchback but the Wagon will add a longer roofline and some extra rear windows. No information was offered with this artwork but Honda of Europe explained that “the Civic wagon concept model provides strong cues for the exterior design of the final mass produced version. This new Civic derivative will further strengthen the Civic range.”

Across the back end of the Civic Wagon artwork, we see a taillight assembly that runs across the entire back end of the vehicle with a thin center section and flared ends that appear to be filled with LED lighting. The current Euro Civic has a taillight design that runs the width of the rump but the new Civic Wagon Concept takes on a very different, far more aggressive design. We can see that the new Wagon will have the rear door handles integrated into the pillar area for a cleaner, sportier look while the rest of the side lines appear to be similar to current Civic models in Europe. The Civic Wagon also appears to have more length behind the rear wheels so the Wagon Concept may offer a great deal more cargo space than the European 5-door hatchback.

The Honda Civic is offered in a wide variety of trimlines in the US but the Civic sold overseas differs greatly from the lineup here with a design that really makes their Civic look very little like our Civic. It is believed that since the Honda Civic Wagon Concept is debuting in Europe and Honda of Europe is the group promoting the debut of this new roomy concept, the Civic Wagon is not destined for American dealerships. However, once Honda launches the production Civic Wagon overseas – European popularity could lead to the model coming to the US. Keep in mind that the Civic competes directly with the Ford Focus and the Hyundai Elantra…both of which are offered in wagon form. There have also been rumors that General Motors may consider offering the Chevrolet Cruze wagon that is already at work overseas in North America. If GM brings the Cruze Wagon to the US, the Civic will be one of the very few C segment compact models sold in the US not to offer a wagon so the company could revisit American sales of the Civic Wagon over the next few years based on the success of the closest competition.

In any case, the Honda Civic Wagon Concept will debut next month at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show – at which point we should get more details on this new package that likely won’t be offered in the US right away…if at all.