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Ford Racing now offering a Boss 302 crate engine

Ford Racing began offering the new 5.0L V8 engine as a crate motor last year but the aftermarket performance division of Ford Motor Company has announced that they are now offering the high performance Boss 302 variant of the 5.0L V8 – packing 444 horsepower made with the help of improved engine components compared to the standard Ford 5.0L V8.


The Ford Racing Boss 302 crate engine offers the same 444 horsepower that is found in the modern Boss 302 Mustang but the extra 32 horsepower isn’t the only feature that separates the Boss from the non-Boss 5.0s. The Boss 302 begins with a fully forged bottom end including the pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft so it is a much stronger than the standard rotating assembly – lending itself to make gobs more power with the help of something like forced induction…perhaps the 624 horsepower Ford Racing supercharger package. Next, the Boss 302 features a revised deep sump oil pan with integrated baffles to control the movement of oil in the pan under hard cornering and a revised composite intake manifold helps the high performance 5.0 to breathe. The air that enters through the Boss 302 intake manifold then heads into specially CNC ported and polished cylinder heads packed with sodium-filled exhaust valves which are controlled by a Boss-specific camshaft package.

The Ford Racing Boss 302 straight out of the crate packs 444hp but the modifications made to the internal workings of the Boss 302 crate motor should help to make this a popular choice among those looking to make more than the standard output. Even for those just looking for a great looking engine for a vintage Mustang or street rod, the distinct look of the new Boss 302 crate motor should help bolster the popularity. However, this high performance, great-looking engine comes with a fairly hefty price as the Boss 302 starts at $11,999.00 and that does not include the engine control unit or vehicle harness. For comparison, the standard 5.0L V8 from the 2011 Mustang GT starts at $6,999.00 so the extra power and stronger internals of the Boss 302 tack on an extra $5,000.

Even at $12k, I imagine that it is only a matter of time before someone restomods a vintage Mustang into a Boss 302 packing the modern DOHC 5.0L Ford V8…and I look forward to seeing those vintage Boss Mustangs with high tech horsepower.

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