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EcoBoost technology proves popular in the Ford F150

When Ford announced that they would be offering EcoBoost technology in the 2011 F150 pickups there was heavy speculation as to whether or not a twin turbocharged V6 would be well received by the truck-buying crowd but with gradual improvements through the first few months of 2011 – the EcoBoost F150 is a hit.


EcoBoost technology has been featured as a fuel-saving system with excellent performance and while these forced induction engines have proven to be very popular in the Ford Taurus SHO, the Lincoln MKS and the Ford Flex – many skeptics claimed that these small turbocharged engines would not be enough motor for the Ford F150. Issues like “turbo lag” or the lack of torque in many turbocharged engines goes against everything a real truck buyer wants from their new vehicle but the engineers at Ford made sure that those problems were nearly non-existent with the F150 EcoBoost models. (For those unsure, turbo lag is the term used to describe the lag in power before the turbochargers reach their proper peak boost which in turn creates peak power)

The result was the 2011 Ford F150 EcoBoost boasting 365 horsepower, 420lb-ft of torque and a pair of compact turbochargers that effectively do away with the problem of turbo lag. This makes the F150 EcoBoost among the most powerful of the half ton pickups and it looks like these numbers have made consumers forget all about the negative perception of smaller, turbocharged engines as the take rate of EcoBoost motors in the 2011 F150 has increased every month this year.

Ford states that in March, roughly 25% of 2011 F150 buyers opted for the 3.5L EcoBoost engine and through the majority of April that number has jumped to 35%. The Motor Company also reports that current orders being made for 2011 F150 pickups are showing an even larger take rate for the EcoBoost option – around 40%. The key advantage of the EcoBoost engine (other than the power and fuel economy improvements over the other engines) is the price, as in 2011 Ford F150 pickups with a standard V8 (FX2, Lariat, FX4, King Ranch, and Platinum trimlines) the 3.5L EcoBoost option is only $750 more than the standard 5.0L V8. $750 for 5 more horsepower, 40more lb-ft of torque and better mileage compared to the 5.0L V8 seems like a heck of a deal, so it’s no wonder that this new turbocharged V6 is proving so popular with new truck buyers.

Ford will introduce a new 4-cylinder EcoBoost motor into the US SUV market in the new Ford Explorer and Ford Edge along with the 2013 Ford Taurus, so EcoBoost technology will likely continue to grow in popularity. I have had the pleasure to log a few thousand miles on EcoBoost vehicles (Taurus SHO, Lincoln MKS) and after even a short drive – there is really no question why these new high tech, fuel sipping engines from Ford are proving to be so popular in the US market.

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Frank Sherosky    April 29, 2011 - 11:17AM

No surprise from my perspective as well. Those twin turbos on a V6 makes it perform like a V8. Great step in the right direction by Ford. Problem is, the industry still needs at least another 30-50% gain in effciency to lessen the oil effect on everyone's economy.