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Ford Inks Deal for High Performance Goodyear Tires on 2015 Mustang V6 and EcoBoost

As information on the 2015 Ford Mustang continues to trickle out of just about every automotive stream in the industry we have learned that the new base V6 and EcoBoost Mustangs will ride on Goodyear tires that should further increase the performance capabilities of these non-V8 models.


The 2015 Ford Mustang powered by either the base V6 or the new 2.3L EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine will come standard with 235/55R17 Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric All-Season tires. These new Goodyears are slightly wider than the tires found on the base 2014 Mustang which features 225/60HR17 A/S BFGoodrich Radial T/A tires with the manual transmission and P215/65TR17 A/S Michelin Energy Saver tires for those models with the automatic transmission. This means that the tires on the base 2015 Mustang are about a half inch wider than the 2014 manual transmission models and about an inch wider than the stock tires on the 2014 Mustang with an automatic. That extra width should allow the 2015 Mustang V6 models to get better traction rain or shine while the new Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric could prove to be a little stickier than the tires currently in service.

Those 2015 Ford Mustang V6 buyers who want a little more rubber on the road can opt for either a 235/50R18 or 255/40R19 all-season tire or 265/35R20 summer tires (presumably as part of the V6 Performance Package). The 2014 Mustang V6 models include the option of 18 and 19 inch wheels but the 20 inch wheel/tire package for 2015 is new. 2015 Mustang buyers who go for the turbocharged EcoBoost 4-cylinder can also upgrade to beefier tires can also pick the 235/50R18 tires but right now, it doesn’t seem that the EcoBoost package will feature a 19 or 20 inch wheel/tire option. The report announcing these new Goodyear tires doesn’t specify what type of tires are optional but considering that the 18 and 19 inch tires offered for an additional charge for 2014 are similar Pirelli P Zero tires to those found on the Mustang GT – I would guess that the bigger tire options for both the base V6 and EcoBoost versions of the S550 Mustang will rely on stickier Pirelli rubber. This guess is backed by the fact that the V6-powered 2015 Mustang Convertible on display at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit were riding on the same 20 inch rims and Pirelli tires as the new Mustang GT.

As for the powerful 2015 Ford Mustang GT, it seems as though the S550 Mustangs packing the 5.0L V8 will ride on similar Pirelli P Zero tires as those found on the 2014 Mustang GT but new for 2015 are the 20 inch wheels and tires. The 2014 Mustang GT rides on 235/50/18 or 245/45/19 but the 2015 Mustang GT that debuted in Dearborn Michigan was fitted with 20 inch wheels wrapped in 265/35ZR20 Pirellis front and rear. As is the case with the V6 and EcoBoost models, the bigger tires and wheels for the 2015 Mustang GT should allow the V8-powered models to grip the road better when accelerating, braking and hammering the turns.

The formal arrival of the 2015 Ford Mustang is still a few months away so we should know more specifics on the standard and optional wheel/tire packages for the newest pony car ahead of the dealership debut of the S550 Mustang.



Merle Grant (not verified)    July 13, 2014 - 7:48PM

This is BAD NEWS for me I think Goodyear Tires are good for about One Goodyear! Michelin Tires

Rudy Fedor (not verified)    April 2, 2015 - 5:32PM

I just bought a 2015 Mustang with the V6 motor. It came equipped with the Goodyear Eagle tires. I cannot drive the car over 45 MPH before the tires start to make the driving almost impossible due to noise and the unending small but impossible to accept vibration that gives anyone in the car a headache.
I had this same problem with a 2001 Lincoln LS that came equipped with Continental tires. After 3 trips to the dealer without a resolution, I had to buy new tires (not Continental) at just over 20,000 miles to correct the same conditions I am now experiencing with the new Mustang