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Chevrolet auctions off the 1st 2011 Volt for $225,000

Late last month we brought you the news of Chevrolet’s plans to auction off the first public-issued 2011 Chevy Volt and yesterday, that auction closed with the rights to the first GM electric car bringing an awesome $225,000.


The 2011 Chevy Volt offered in this auction is technically the second production version (VIN #2) of the car built at the GM Hamtramck plant (the first production car is being kept by GM for historical purposes) and to celebrate the success in taking the Volt from concept to production, the company will be donating the proceeds to Detroit Public Schools. GM has not announced who the lucky winner might be, as they are likely crossing the i’s and dotting the t’s but with production Volts heading out to consumers we can expect more news as to who will be the owner of 2011 Chevy Volt VIN #2.

Click here for the original announcement of the second Chevy Volt being auctioned off for Detroit Public Schools

This 2011 Chevy Volt that was presented for auction comes completely loaded with the most expensive exterior color/interior trim packages, along with the premium trim package, rear camera and park assist features. Also, the auction includes a 240v home charging station and “free” installation. With a closing price of $225,000, the buyer of the first public-issued Chevy Volt could have purchased almost any car in the world so it will be interesting to see what individual is that committed to the new Chevy Volt and to helping Detroit are children to shell out that kind of coin for a car that carries an MSRP around $41,000.