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Chat live with engineers from the Ram brand and Mopar group about off-roading tonight on TorqueNews

Today (Tuesday, May 24th) Ram and Mopar engineers chat on the topics of off-roading, the Power Wagon and the Ram Runner high performance truck is set to begin at 6pm and you can join in the chat right here at!

Below is the chat window for the May 24th discussion with Ram and Mopar engineers about off-roading. Starting shortly before 6pm, you can enter your name and prepare to talk with engineers from the Chrysler Group! If you cannot be here exactly at 6pm EST, dont worry as the last Ram/Mopar online chat lasted over two hours with tons of questions answered by the authorities from Chrysler.

For those who haven't been a part of this type of live, online chat - a few pointers. The engineers usually will not answer any questions about future products. The main topic of tonight's discussion is off-roading with questions being answered about the Ram 2500 Power Wagon and the new Mopar Ram Runner off-road performance truck package. Also, patience is a virtue. When the previous chat occurred on December 8th 2010 on the topic of the 5.7L Hemi in the Ram, the engineers were faced with hundreds of questions in a rapid-fire style format. While it make have taken them some time, they did a great job of getting to all of the appropriate questions. Again, asking things like 'when will the Ram get the 6.4L Hemi" is likely to go unanswered since they generally do not talk about future products.

So, as this article goes live it is about 5 hours before the start of the Ram and Mopar engineer off-roading chat so save this link and check back just before 6pm EST for your chance to talk live with Chrysler insiders!

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