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BMW recalls 2011 X3 models over power steering failures

The 2011 BMW X3 has just begun hitting dealerships around the United States but the German automaker is already recalling a small group of the compact sport utes due to a concern focused around the vehicle’s power steering system.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this new BMW X3 power steering recall only affects models built between April 27, 2011 and June 8, 2011 – which should only really impact around 50 vehicles. In these vehicles, there is a control module coordinating with the electronic power steering system (EPS) that could malfunction and when that happens, the vehicle could lose the power assist portion of the steering system. This could make the vehicle suddenly far more difficult to drive but from the sounds of things, the driver will only lose power assist and NOT the ability to control the vehicle. Luckily, a BMW X3 will a lack of power steering assist will likely be a bigger problem at low speed in tight situations than at higher speed but it increases the chances of an accident.

In any case, BMW isn’t taking any chances and they are planning a recall sometime this month to get these 50 2011 BMW X3 sport utility vehicles back to dealerships. The NHTSA bulletin doesn’t explain exactly how the BMW dealerships will repair the problem but whether it is as simple as a reflash or as substantial as a replacement of the control module at fault, the repairs will be free of charge to the owners.

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