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BMW 1- and 3-Series 2-door coupe and vert to become 2- and 4-Series

Just last week we reported that BMW had filed for the trademarks to “BMW M2” and “M2” and now we have a clearer idea of what those could be as several sources suggest that what we know now as the BMW 1-Series and 3-Series Coupe and Convertible will be known next year as the new BMW 2-Series and 4-Series.


There have been a variety of subtle clues leading up to the creation of the 2-Series, with the new BMW 1-Series recently being introduced as compact 5-door along with the filing for the M2 name, so the 1-Series coupe and convertible becoming the new BMW 2-Series makes perfect sense. The car that we currently know (and love) as the BMW 1-Series M Coupe has been announced as being a one year model but as the 1-Series shifts to the 2-Series, this amazing compact sports car will likely become the new BMW M2…HOORAY! In addition to the high performance models, the 2-Series will offer the standard coupe and convertible versions of the 1-Series so perhaps the 2-Series will get the same revised headlights and lineup of 4-cylinder engines.

Much like the 1-Series coupe and convertible evolving into the new BMW 2-Series, the sporty BMW 3-Series coupe and convertible should make a smooth transition into the new BMW 4-Series models. If you think about it, BMW has already done something similar to this by keeping the current 5-Series as a sedan and wagon while the sporty 2-door models with a similar look are featured as the BMW 6-Series.

The big question is this…if the BMW 3-Series coupe and convertible become the new 4-Series, does that mean that the legendary M3 will become the new BMW M4? While BMW has offered all sorts of amazing performance cars, few have earned the global reputation for performance like the M3. Also, maybe the company could consider a luxury performance coupe based on the current 7-Series to reincarnate the BMW 8-Series of the 80s and 90s…and maybe the M8 prototype that never saw production could see its namesake hit dealers with a high performance V12?

Hopes and dreams aside, if the reports of the new BMW 2-Series and 4-Series are true, we could see a very different look to the BMW product lineup in the next few years. The goods news is that the amazing BMW 1-Series M Coupe should live on as the new BMW M2.

Source: Car Magazine

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