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BMW files trademarks for M2 titles

The auto industry recently learned the sad news that the awesome new BMW 1 Series M Coupe would only see production this year, but fans of the most powerful letter in the world may not need to wait long for the predecessor, as Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (Public, ETR:BMW) has filed a trademark for “M2” and “BMW M2”.

These new trademarks by BMW would suggest that there will be a high performance variant of the BMW 2 Series – the only problem being that there is no 2 Series. The BMW lineup currently begins with the 1 Series and skips to the popular 3 Series but rumors have suggested that the current 1 Series could evolve into the 2 Series - changing really only in name as it would remain the same basic size to avoid stepping on the toes of the 3 Series. However, moving the 1 Series to the 2 spot would leave room for a more compact model to serve as the absolute entry level BMW powered by a combustion engine. Offering a “city car” with a gasoline or diesel engine would still allow some space for the upcoming electric i2 models.

The new BMW 1 Series M Coupe is easily one of the German automaker’s most amazing feats of performance engineering in some time but the down side is that they are in very limited numbers and they will only be offered this year. It would be truly saddening to see this awesome compact sports car exist on the new car market for just a single production year – especially since the company isn’t going to have any trouble selling them with an incredibly low price of just $46,000.

But what if BMW does shift the current 1 Series to the 2 Series name and with it goes the 1 Series M Coupe? BMW couldn’t use the name M1 as that had been used on a BMW supercar of yesteryear but now that they have procured the trademarks to both “M2” and “BMW M2”, it looks as though we can expect a new BMW 2 Series in the near future, complete with a high performance model.

Source of trademark information: Thanks to Mike for the heads up!

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