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BMW M3 Pickup is the fastest April Fool’s joke ever

We have all, at some point, fallen prey to some stupid joke or prank played in honor of the first day of April but with the new BMW M3 Pickup, the German automaker has offered up an April Fool’s joke that the performance vehicle world isn’t likely to forget.

The BMW M3 Pickup made its first appearance in spy shots while it underwent test sessions at the famed German Nürburgring and while the ute-loving communities went crazy over this high performance BMW pickup, the automaker was quick to speak up and state that the M3 Pickup was nothing more than an April Fool’s joke built to showcase the company’s design and engineering capabilities. Basically, if BMW’s claim that this is nothing more than an impressive concept show vehicle, the M3 Pickup is their way of showing off a little with a vehicle that they knew very well would draw lots of attention. “Utes” as they are commonly known in regions where they are more popular (Australia, for instance) have developed a cult-like following although the US hasn’t seen a popular “pickup-car” since the good ol’ El Camino and Subaru Brat of the 1980s.

BMW insists that their M3 Pickup will never see production but like the M3 Coupe, Sedan and Convertible, the pickup version is powered by a 4.0L V8, churning out 420 horsepower. Like the other M vehicles, the M3 Pickup has received extensive testing and tuning so that this concept pickup handles just as well as the other vehicles that wear “the most powerful letter in the world”. In building the M3 Pickup, BMW found that adding the rear bed section and targa top resulted in a vehicle 110 pounds lighter than the drop top M3 – remove the targa top and the pickup weighs 154lbs less than the production convertible. The company also found that the M3 Pickup displayed similar aerodynamic properties to the M3 Coupe with a top speed of 186 miles per hour. It is also capable of hauling around 992 pounds in the diamond-plate laden bed.

Sadly, I am forced to snap everyone back to the reality that this BMW M3 Pickup that the German automaker is billing as the world’s fastest pickup is said to remain nothing more than a concept vehicle but with it looking SO much like a production ready vehicle…maybe the April Fool’s joke will turn out to be the part about it not seeing production. Only time will tell but should there be more news on the new BMW M3 Pickup, TorqueNews will have it all! Check out the gallery below for a closer look at the BMW M3 Pickup.

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