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7 Reasons Why You Really Don't Want to Own the 2015 Hellcat Challenger

The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is the most powerful American production car ever and while this car has quickly become the unattainable object of desire for many muscle car lovers, there are 7 good reasons why you really don’t want to own the Hellcat Challenger – which should help make everyone who cannot afford it feel a little better.

The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is one mean looking muscle car and with a new supercharged 6.2L Hemi offering 707 horsepower and 650lb-ft of torque, this new super-Challenger is hard not to love. Even before the specs were announced for the Hellcat Hemi, this new Mopar muscle car had become a mainstay of desktop wallpapers from dorm rooms to the workplace and everything in between.

Unfortunately, while the Hellcat Challenger is surprisingly affordable for a car of this performance level, the price starting north of $60k makes it an unlikely purchase for most people. Some of those people feel bad about the fact that they cannot afford the most powerful American production car ever, so I put together 7 good reasons why you really don’t want the 707hp Challenger SRT Hellcat.

7 Reasons Why You Really Don't Want to Own the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

1. Dodge Challenger Hellcat Is Expensive – With a price starting at $60,990 for the manual transmission Hellcat Challenger and $61,390 for the automatic transmission, the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat costs roughly double the price of the average modern muscle car.

2. It's Terrible in the Snow – Unless you live in an area where there is never any rain, snow or cold weather, the Hellcat Challenger is only going to be a reliable vehicle for half the year at best. The Challenger Hellcat set to the 700+ horsepower mode easily spins the tires at almost any speed on a warm, dry day so driving in the rain is tricky and driving in the snow would be little more than a comically frustrating experience. Even driving on a cold winter day where the roads are completely clear and dry, the simple fact that the tires and surface are so cold would make traction a nightmare. Some muscle cars can comfortably be driven year round – the Hellcat Challenger is not one of them.

VIDEO: Watch how this famous cross country racer test-drives 2015 Challenger Hellcat.

3. You Will Spend a Fortune on Dodge Challenger Hellcat Tires – the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat comes with 275-40ZR20 Pirelli P Zero Nero tires all around and while they can be expertly used to get the big Challenger into the low 11s, it is also very, very easy to get the tires spinning. It is blissfully simple to smoke the tires and anyone who buys a Hellcat Challenger will most certainly spend some time roasting the rear tires. In looking up those tires online, I found a price of around $260 per piece – and that doesn’t include the cost of having them installed.

4. You Will Spend a Bigger Fortune on 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Gas – Chrysler expects that the 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat will return around 20 miles per gallon on the highway, but you have to also consider that at wide open throttle, it burns through 1.5 gallons per minute – there is great potential for very poor fuel economy. Now, I would love burning every cent of that fuel cost, but buying, owning and driving the Hellcat every day while flexing its muscles is going to get very expensive in a hurry.

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5. You Will Spend a Fortune on Insurance – Even if you are an older individual with a spotless driving record, the cost of insurance coverage on the most powerful American production car of all time is going to be very high. As for younger drivers, insuring a muscle car is expensive – insuring the most powerful muscle car ever will likely be astronomical.

6. Other Muscle Car Owners Will Hate You – Do you have friends who own a Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro or even another Dodge Challenger? If you get the Hellcat Challenger, you wont have those friends anymore, as they will quickly get tired of you stomping them and making them look bad. For the same reason average women hate supermodels – average muscle car owners will hate you when you own a Hellcat Challenger.

7. It Just Isn't for Everyone – Sadly, while it would be hard for many people to admit, a 707 horsepower street car simply isn’t for everyone. The Hellcat Challenger has so much power that when shifting into 4th gear on a road course at high speed, the back tires still break loose and spin. Starting from a stop and even giving the Hellcat Challenger a gentle jab of the throttle will spin the tires and bring the back end around in a big hurry if not handled correctly. It is easy for someone who has never driven a car like this to assume that they could drive it every day, but the Hellcat simply packs far too much power for the average driver to safely and responsibly handle.

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As you can tell, some of these 7 reasons why you wouldn’t want to own a Hellcat Challenger are obvious and other are obviously a joke. In all reality, the 707hp Challenger is a remarkable marvel of modern American engineering so of course every gearhead would love to own one and hopefully my 7 reasons – as absurd as they may be – will help some of you feel better about the fact that you won’t be buying one anytime soon.

However, we can all dream…

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Quite honestly you are correct Sir! I drive a cement truck for a living and it also doubles up as my daily driver. The thing is quite slow, especially when full! Last week I had to drive the thing out to get a loaf of bread and the hatch leaked, now they have a free sidewalk.
I bought one 5/2 loaded now with 4k miles here's the facts, 21.6 mpg Highway in Sport Mode 15.6 mpg Beating it around town 13.5 mpg combined Hyway/city my 2011 Denali $906.00 yr insurance Everything covered your Grand Mother can drive this car around town till she smashes the pedal down. What do I think after 4k miles ? Well I own 12 cars that include a Jag XK Convertible, Caddy Escalade, 1967 Shelby Mustang, 69 A12 SuperBee, 2010 Ferrari Cali, etc, etc. The Hellcat Challenger is a blast to drive anywhere anytime. Like the Ferrari the Hellcat has a sound all it's own. I love this car, for its size, comfort to drive, trunk space, Nav & Performance System features, are all outstanding. Can you drive this car without burning the tires off ? Of course you can but WHY?
You should buy me a hellcat lol
I have a 2010 Camaro With the same HP, 400 lbs less weight and I changed the rear gears from 3.45's to 3.91's so I could use 4'th gear with a 6m . If you think you can beat me then send me an email and we can set up a grudge match.
Man STFU. They are referring to a stock hellcat, not a modded one. Shed some weight and change some gears in the hellcat and I bet it would leave your little Camaro. Camaros are a let down, I can tell you how many I've beat in my 2011 6.7 Cummins... It's not even a race truck but it leaves camaros sitting still lmao. Boosted launches is har for any at to close the gap on but here is a fun fact. A Ford Flex that has the Eco boost runs a 9.1 in the 1/8 mile... Think your Camaro can do that stock... Think again
lol...1/8 miles man up. 1/4 mile, or go home. i run a honda that does 11s in the 1/4 mile. see you at the bank...
I enjoyed driving a Chevy Camaro SS 6-speed manual; I nearly bought it. Just drive a slower, more comfortable Challenger SRT8 6-speed manual. You'd be surprised; of course it's slower stock. But put the two next to each other and ask people which car they'd rather own.
we have a 2010 with a 6.3 in it .
Whole bunch of b/s the hellcat is awesome and you guys are envious
NO jealously here I have a 2007 Shelby gt . It is so much sportier than a HUGE challenger. Maybe that's why people call them whales. Lose the sporty look that damn big. My Shelby is a beautiful BEAST
Come on man! All of the new wave of American Pony Cars are awesome Camero, Mustang, Challenger and maybe even the Charger but the Challenger is the only one that is a true muscle car - big, heavy, sexy and fast. Fully understand that the Challenger is not a racer or sports car. But if you want to cruise the strip on Saturday night and make some noise the Challenger is king!!! People that keep talking about it being to big and heavy are missing the point it's like comparing Christina Hendricks to Kate Upton - both really hot but which you like me more is up to personal preference and what you want to do with them!!!
That Mustang doesn't have no where near the looks of my Challenger Hellcat and no where near the power.
Number 6 is the best reason to own one. This is a dumb article
I am both amused and disappointed at how many people dont catch the sarcasm of this piece. Perhaps I should have added #sarcasm to the very end.
But mostly disappointed... Patrick, humanity is hopeless, its not your calling to fix them. I enjoyed your report, thanks
I can't help but wonder if my 10 Challenger would be jealous¿
Patrick, humanity is hopeless, its not your calling to fix them. I enjoyed your report, thanks
One point of the article sticks out to me and I have wondered the same, not only for the Hellcat, but for other Muscle cars with similar outlandish horsepower, How many "Weekend warriors", with just average driving skills are going to get into trouble, or worse, driving these Monsters of horsepower? How many times have you been behind, or worse, in front of a maniac driving his/her Hi-Po like they were driving in a Nascar race? Put them behind the wheel of a car with the horsepower anywhere near the Hellcat and it is just asking for trouble. Kudos to the article for recognizing this.
Many young kids with Hondas drive like that. You don't need a lot of HP to drive like a fool.
This is true, but one needs a much better set of driving skills to tame 500+ horsepower over a couple hundred. Pushing a Honda is a FAR cry different than pushing Monster power.
that's why when you buy one new, as I did ( jealous bitches? ) it has only 500hp until 500 miles on the OD, then after 500 miles the computer gives you the 707hp... So that's for the girls to get used to the awesome power it has... at 55mph highway you get 23mpg, at 65mph you get 24mpg at 75mph you get 25mpg at 85mph you get 26mpg and at 90mph you get 26.5mpg. I did this driving 1400 miles from FL to NY. I get 21mpg keeping my foot out of it, about 360 miles per tankful... But I will say if you keep your foot in it gas wont last a day. 42000 miles and going on my 4th set of tires at $800 a pop.... love the fuck out of this car. if you don't like, it don't look. but if you drive it you will fall in love. as for all the asswipes who say there corvette, camaro, mustang's are quicker at the track? It's a streetcar you tarts!!! and only by a few tenths. Who gives a fuck. you can't drive anyway, I'll beat your ass both ways
That's kinda the point, give one of those kids, or anyone for that matter, a Hellcat and if they drive like a fool, they will still drive like a fool. They are far more likely to get into trouble driving a, "Bazooka", than if they are driving a, "BB gun".
this is so true especially the ones with the rice burner mufflers I laugh I let them go and then I just touch the gas and leave them in the dust
Hi-Po ? You make that up all by yourself and trying to be cool for your significant other? Ive seen more people in their Prius' and Smartcars (not mentioning any names) cause more problems then someone who just dropped $65-70 grand on a new collevtor csr.
What is wrong with you. I've probably been around performance and muscle and hi-po cars before you were born. I've been married to my significant other for 40 years, so I do not need to impress her, obviously you need to boost your own ego. I guess I hit a nerve.
nobody, no time no where ever says Hi-Po.
Google Hi-Po cars and then come back and tell me, "Nobody" uses the term. Suggestion for you, sometimes it's better not to open your mouth and be thought the fool, or as in your case, open it and leave no doubt.
Actually yes the do or did anyway. In the late sixties and early 1970's many cars had models that were labeled as Hi-Po versions. For example the California CHP drove Mustangs that had a special version of the 289 in them that were labeled California '289 Hi-Po' that is all carry on. Btw, I still laughed at your comment.13