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7 Reasons Why You Really Don't Want to Own the 2015 Hellcat Challenger

The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is the most powerful American production car ever and while this car has quickly become the unattainable object of desire for many muscle car lovers, there are 7 good reasons why you really don’t want to own the Hellcat Challenger – which should help make everyone who cannot afford it feel a little better.

The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is one mean looking muscle car and with a new supercharged 6.2L Hemi offering 707 horsepower and 650lb-ft of torque, this new super-Challenger is hard not to love. Even before the specs were announced for the Hellcat Hemi, this new Mopar muscle car had become a mainstay of desktop wallpapers from dorm rooms to the workplace and everything in between.

Unfortunately, while the Hellcat Challenger is surprisingly affordable for a car of this performance level, the price starting north of $60k makes it an unlikely purchase for most people. Some of those people feel bad about the fact that they cannot afford the most powerful American production car ever, so I put together 7 good reasons why you really don’t want the 707hp Challenger SRT Hellcat.

7 Reasons Why You Really Don't Want to Own the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

1. Dodge Challenger Hellcat Is Expensive – With a price starting at $60,990 for the manual transmission Hellcat Challenger and $61,390 for the automatic transmission, the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat costs roughly double the price of the average modern muscle car.

2. It's Terrible in the Snow – Unless you live in an area where there is never any rain, snow or cold weather, the Hellcat Challenger is only going to be a reliable vehicle for half the year at best. The Challenger Hellcat set to the 700+ horsepower mode easily spins the tires at almost any speed on a warm, dry day so driving in the rain is tricky and driving in the snow would be little more than a comically frustrating experience. Even driving on a cold winter day where the roads are completely clear and dry, the simple fact that the tires and surface are so cold would make traction a nightmare. Some muscle cars can comfortably be driven year round – the Hellcat Challenger is not one of them.

VIDEO: Watch how this famous cross country racer test-drives 2015 Challenger Hellcat.

3. You Will Spend a Fortune on Dodge Challenger Hellcat Tires – the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat comes with 275-40ZR20 Pirelli P Zero Nero tires all around and while they can be expertly used to get the big Challenger into the low 11s, it is also very, very easy to get the tires spinning. It is blissfully simple to smoke the tires and anyone who buys a Hellcat Challenger will most certainly spend some time roasting the rear tires. In looking up those tires online, I found a price of around $260 per piece – and that doesn’t include the cost of having them installed.

4. You Will Spend a Bigger Fortune on 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Gas – Chrysler expects that the 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat will return around 20 miles per gallon on the highway, but you have to also consider that at wide open throttle, it burns through 1.5 gallons per minute – there is great potential for very poor fuel economy. Now, I would love burning every cent of that fuel cost, but buying, owning and driving the Hellcat every day while flexing its muscles is going to get very expensive in a hurry.

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5. You Will Spend a Fortune on Insurance – Even if you are an older individual with a spotless driving record, the cost of insurance coverage on the most powerful American production car of all time is going to be very high. As for younger drivers, insuring a muscle car is expensive – insuring the most powerful muscle car ever will likely be astronomical.

6. Other Muscle Car Owners Will Hate You – Do you have friends who own a Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro or even another Dodge Challenger? If you get the Hellcat Challenger, you wont have those friends anymore, as they will quickly get tired of you stomping them and making them look bad. For the same reason average women hate supermodels – average muscle car owners will hate you when you own a Hellcat Challenger.

7. It Just Isn't for Everyone – Sadly, while it would be hard for many people to admit, a 707 horsepower street car simply isn’t for everyone. The Hellcat Challenger has so much power that when shifting into 4th gear on a road course at high speed, the back tires still break loose and spin. Starting from a stop and even giving the Hellcat Challenger a gentle jab of the throttle will spin the tires and bring the back end around in a big hurry if not handled correctly. It is easy for someone who has never driven a car like this to assume that they could drive it every day, but the Hellcat simply packs far too much power for the average driver to safely and responsibly handle.

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As you can tell, some of these 7 reasons why you wouldn’t want to own a Hellcat Challenger are obvious and other are obviously a joke. In all reality, the 707hp Challenger is a remarkable marvel of modern American engineering so of course every gearhead would love to own one and hopefully my 7 reasons – as absurd as they may be – will help some of you feel better about the fact that you won’t be buying one anytime soon.

However, we can all dream…

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What ever you due don't wreck it ,part's are on back order
I make enough money to comfortably afford one of these, so I've been researching to see if they're a better fit than a GT350 (don't even mention the Camaro; it's far too ugly). I've already got a couple of two-seaters, and they're both from 1988, so what I'm looking for is a car that will fill two holes in my automotive needs: Reliable on long trips, and enough room to hold two or three adults in the back. Also, no four-doors, no automatics, and it has to be fast. Mustangs are not known for being roomy in the back. Even my '86 SVO required back seat passengers to lean forward so their heads didn't hit the top. The Hellcat seems like a better fit. Can someone who has one attest to the feasibility of putting three adults in the back?
Cameron, Think that you answer your own question. The Camaro nor the Mustang will hold 5 adults (not even big children), only the Challenger will do that. I don't know how tall you are, but if you are about 5'7 or taller, again go with the Challenger. Both the Camaro & Mustang are built for smaller people and please don't compare a 1986 Mustang SVO interior to any of the Pony cars today, totally different. Now with that said, my Challenger has power seats and it hard to get the drivers seat to move forward to get people in the rear seat. Everyone goes in on the passenger side. The only Mustang I have is a 1968 hatchback, but my 2016 Camaro SS, 2008 SMS Challenger SRT, 2015 Challenger Hellcat & 2016 Charger Hellcat are far cry better that any of my friends Supersnake and they admit to that. Hellcats are faster and more comfortable driving and on trips more then 5 miles. Good luck with what you buy......
Of course the fox bodies are completely different from modern pony cars, but my point is, if anything, it should be roomier, since it was from an era before all the mandated bulk we have today that requires them to make the cabins smaller to keep the weight somewhat manageable. Thanks for the advice. I think the Challenger is probably the best bet for what I need. But I have to ask: Why did you keep the 2008 Challenger when you bought the Hellcat?
My 2008 Challenger is a numbered car and It was Steve Saleens Beta car in 2008 at SEMA in Vegas. It also has a 383ci (6.3L HEMI) stroker that is supercharged with 744RWHP. I use it for everyday driving. I like most pony cars, its the owners that come off as A55's. The guys that talk the most Sh*t, most of the time don't have anything and look for a reaction. Good Luck........
Your hellcat is hardly faster than a decked out non super charged 5.0 yet alone a supercharged Shelby. I smoke you lying bullshit hellcat owners on a daily basis. Sure your car is technically bigger and more horsepower but that doesn't make it quicker or faster. I'll smoke you off the line all the time unless you are completely 1/4 setup worth tires and tuned, which no one ever is while driving on the road.
Three big kids....yes, but three adults.....probably not. This is my second Challenger. First was a 5.7 Liter, then I decided to throw all caution to the wind and move up to a Hellcat. I am not a wealthy man....I still work every day for a living. Reasons I opted for a Challenger: 1. Sentimental second car was a 1974 Challenger. 2. I have 4 grandchildren ranging in age from 10 mos. to 14 yrs.....I must have 4 sets of passenger seat belts and enough cup holders for "sippy cups", ( I don't exceed the speed limit with kids in the car). I saw a "427" Rousch Mustang at the Dairy Queen a few weeks ago and I must admit that I love the sound that the big block Fords make, and I was impressed when I drove a 5.0 Liter Mustang....the acceleration almost made my wife throw up. But, with all things considered, the Challenger was the best choice for me. Now I want to learn how to drag race it legally at a nearby dragstrip.
Good explanation about the weather conditions. I own a 2009 Nissan 370z and I told someone the other day I beat a hellcat. Then I had to explain it was because it had rained. I have toyo tires and it is a rear wheel drive vehicle but those tires help a lot in the rain. I actually pulled in to get gas and the hellcat about ran me over and rev's his engine as he is leaving. I decide to turn around and go back after him. He was waiting at the stop light. I slowed down and then started at the same time and speed. The car just spun and I took off. He almost caught up to me and as I am in the other lane, the rain from my tires is just showering him. It was the best experience I've had with the car :) I am sure he was pissed.
That really funny, I have outran those Datsun in the snow. Who are you trying to fool? barely can ride a big wheel.
One question to who ever wrote this. Hsve you ever driven one?
These cars are pigs. Yes they look great, but they are heavy, slow and sluggish. Even in a straight line, they under perform imo. And the friend one is comical.. Like how my 11 5.0L with just bolts ons, minor suspension work and a tune embarrasses my coworker's Hellcat(we are still great friends lol). I also know a guy from when I lived in Michigan, same idea. Bolts ons with a canned tuned beat a hellcat 3 times in one track day w/ his 2012 SS. They are not that impressive and for the price.. I would take an SS and a GT, few bolts ons and a tune later and I have 2 cars faster than your hellcat. Track and strip.One could argue the SS and GT look better too! lol. I get this was supposed to be funny, and it was. I won't lie, if I had the $ to buy all teh modern and old muscle/pony cars I would! USA! haha.
All I know is I spent 78,000 on car turned around and spent 13,000 more and now bring your lighter mustang and chev on let's see if money was wort it
Reading all this is funny but reminds me that we Americans love our cars! I own a Challenger scat pack and love the hell out of it the Hellcat in my eyes is not worth it - if I was going to drop that much cash on a car I would buy a new Viper. All these guys talking about Cameros oh please those cars may be fast but they look like crap, almost like they are no finished. Now I give it to Ford Mustangs are cool looking and fast, I thought about getting one but at 6'2 240 I don't if I wanted a coupe the Challenger was my only choice and what a sexy, fast and loud choice it is. Now with all this crap about who can beat who 0-60 and in the quarter it's all about the driver. If you give an experienced driver a hellcat he's going to beat any Chevy or Ford stock with a similar driver so anyone out there who has beat a hellcat pat yourself on the back cause you were better than the guy driving the hellcat! OBTW dude with the 370 Nissan stop lying bro I am not good at all but I take down Nissans daily, monthly and yearly at half throttle! I think you dreamed that you beat a hellcat or maybe you did it in a video game????
You're not accurate at all about the tires. if you paid extra $599 for summer tires that's your own fault. I have the 275 all season tires on my hellcat and it has great traction on take off, burns minimal rubber, and still has the color lines on all of the tires after 2400 miles. You need to be an intelligent hellcat driver, or floor it everywhere and use your paycheck for those very soft easy to burn off summer tires. Yeah they're fun to see smoking, but burning rubber is loss of traction. I'd never drive mine in the snow anyways, though I could with the all season tires. I want to keep it nice instead of letting the road salt have a go at it! :)
Those are 7 reasons you want to own a Hellcat. What is wrong with you?
Challengers are complain and simple! Tired of all the " ricer import" generation who think cars that sound like lawn mowers are " street cars" are the best telling me my car is a boat or too slow! I have a 5.7 hemi with stage 1 kit and it pulls away from 0-60 job st fine at approx. 390 hp! Would love a hell cat and actually test drove one- it will make your butt pucker with all that power. Came down to mere mortal status from the heavens and drive the rather controllable 5.7 hemi and still enjoy the fact I can bolt on performance parts over a few years and have a street legal monster( my body built his 5.7 hemi up to 500hp with a supercharger?)
Best Challenger is the scat pack, scar pack shaker or SRT 392. Hellcat is crazy for a daily driver!!!
That's cute they called a Mustang a muscle car. Awwwww
My first car was a 1966 Mustang I was 17 years old when I bought it in 1975. I had no idea what I was getting into at the time but I soon learned all about pony and muscle cars as I grew older. I went on to get such cars as a 1970 Charger (440) 1994 and 2000 Mustang GT 1987 IROC Z 1994 and 1997 Camaro Z28 2010 Challenger SRT8 and my current vehicle 2011 Challenger 392. Now I have my eye on the Challenger Hellcat. I've been reading a lot of the posts and how people talk about "blowing the doors" off of a Hellcat. I know how I drive my 392 and I could care less who blows off my doors. I drive a Challenger because of what it does for me. At 58 years old and a retired Fire Paramedic, I have seen the end results of trying to prove how fast your car can be. The Hellcat is big and bulky, just the way I like it and it's still a muscle car...707 HP 650FTLB.. I'll take it
I used to be a powertrain engineer at Chrysler and now work at Boeing. I know all about going fast, too. I concur that the Challenger is a wonderful product and the Hellcat is often criticized at being a "fat, strong hillbilly", more or less. A Camaro or Mustang souped up can easily go faster, but after going fast, they are not comfortable cars to drive in as a daily driver. I had a 2010 Challenger R/T 6-speed and now that my kids are 4 and 6, I'd love a used Hellcat; I have my eye on them and found one used for $52k. I love your taste in cars, Greg. I had a 1994 Dodge Stealth R/T 5-speed. I anticipate my future Hellcat when I am ready.
I have a 2015 sublime hellcat sit a lot o fun try it sometime
The most noticeable impact my '09 SRT Challenger made on the local scene in Waterloo-Cedar Falls, IA was the response other vehicle owners felt almost obligated to exhibit. The first indication of what was to come (in one form or another during every trip I made to the metropolitan area) occured at a red light sitting next to a new Hemi pickup. The pickup surprisingly spun off at the green. I remember thinking, "he really wasn't trying to provoke me was he". Rust-buckets to the sparkling lines of the foreign want-ta-bees all had something to say, all had to poke at the black Challenger. Now and then, whether it was me getting tired of the senseless taunting or it was time to dish out a lesson. I felt obligated to put their antics down, Hard! I did note that those who received the ego stomping never came around for another expression of reality. The funniest thumping of the chest is shared by two guys. One guy came flying past me on the inner-city four lanes. Talk about noise and sparks. I kept waiting for a big piece to come bouncing off. My first thought was "I don't want to get hit by debris", so three seconds and a couple hundred feet later, I was in the clear. The first indicator from the Challenger to other drivers in the vicinity is the steady, quickly rising roar of the engine. It is something to behold and it states the obvious -- Muscle. I really doubt the fellow driving that rickety skateboard heard the sound over what had to be the deafening clatter of his fading car. Unreal, but not quite as unreal as the other comedy. I'm filling up on high octane, I mean the pump spout is in the fill tube of the Challenger. The warm, quiet of the summer evening was torn up by this half-size rusty pickup. You know how an engine sounds when too much gasoline is forced thru the carb, It's like the exhaust pressure is struggling to get past the rust on the inside of the muffler. I know all the rukus was for me and my car. The duffus driver was peering around to catch my reaction. We made eye contact and he smiled. "That's right bucko", I thought. "You beat me". The only chance you had. Catch me at the gas pump. What an accomplishment!! I smiled back while I pictured in my mind various ways to humiliate him and his pile of truck pieces. Now don't take me for a bully or think I'm on some ego trip. Sure I like to be the one who commands the power, but my role is as an educator. I remind people that a long time ago we weren't satisfied to walk a top a circular rock along a line from point A to point B. Just not satisfied...
Are there any known issues with the 2017 Dodge hellcat?
lol...make fun of a honda. i'll take my 535HP hatch, and laugh at the dodge, as he rolls across in 2nd place. or as i usually see. the $60,000 buyer won't even run..that DoDg3. #B!tchGotOwned ... #knowledge
Reading this made me want a hellcat even more