2014 Dodge Challenger Shaker
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2014 Dodge Challenger Shaker to Begin Production Later This Month

One of the biggest announcements at the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas was the introduction of the 2014 Dodge Challenger Shaker and according to the Mopar gurus at Allpar, those Mopar muscle cars with the old school style hood will begin rolling off of the assembly line later this month.

When the 2014 Dodge Challenger Shaker was introduced at the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the Chrysler Group promised that these models would be hitting dealerships during the first quarter of 2014. We are currently about a third of the way through the first quarter of 2014 and according to a report from Allpar; production of the Shaker Challenger will begin later this month with deliveries to dealerships beginning a few weeks later.

Should this be true, the 2014 Challenger Shaker models should begin reaching consumers by the end of February after the company has completed all of their internal quality control processes.

The 2014 Dodge Challenger Shaker is based on the existing Dodge Challenger R/T Classic and the most noticeable feature of this limited edition package is the prominent Shaker hood design. This large, black hood scoop is mounted to the top of the 5.7L Hemi V8 and extends through a hole in the hood to bring in 100% cold air to the engine for improved performance.

Since the engine moves as it performs, this scoop sticking through the hood moves as the engine revs hence the name “Shaker”. The exterior appearance package is capped off by unique striping around the Shaker scoop and along the roof and trunklid, a body colored grille surround, a gloss black fuel door, a black decklid spoiler and unique black and silver 20 inch wheels wrapped in high performance tires. The Challenger Shaker comes with all of the goodies of the Challenger R/T Classic on the inside but it also comes with the buyer’s choice of Slate Grey or Radar Red Nappa leather seats, an SRT-style flat bottomed three spoke steering wheel, a piston grip shifter (manual models only) and unique Shaker badging on the dash.

Finally, the Challenger Shaker comes with the performance improving features of the Super Track Pak - Goodyear Eagle F1 Super Car tires, a high performance steering setup, high friction brake pads, monotube shock absorbers tuned for improved handling performance and a three mode stability control system with a “full off” setting.

Once the 2014 Dodge Challenger Shaker begins reaching dealerships, the 2,000 units planned for production may go very quickly. The Shaker package adds just $2,500 to the price of the Challenger R/T Classic and considering the long list of features included in this hood-centric package – it is actually quite the deal. Also, in addition to all of the features of the new Shaker-equipped Challenger, there is the simple fact that these vintage themed Mopar muscle cars will quickly become collector’s items and there is a certain intangible gain with collectability of a brand new car.

Interestingly, Allpar also reports that the Mopar 14 Dodge Challenger will not begin production at the same time as the Dodge Challenger Shaker. The Mopar 14 comes standard with the new Shaker hood so you would think that production would overlap but with the Mopar 14 being a fully bespoke model limited to 100 units and fully customized for each individual owner – perhaps Chrysler is waiting to get the “easier” Challenger Shaker models under way before launching production of the custom built Mopar 14 Challengers.

Reference: Allpar

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There are three shakers in San Diego for sale, one silver, orange and white as of 08 May 2014
Is The Orange Hood Still Available?
Found one on the lot of a dealer in San Jose, Ca June 4th. Just pointed to it and told the sales guy "I'll take it". Number 675. Billet Silver. 41 miles.
I just got black with 6sp and my dealer in Manassas VA (Lindsay CJDR) has orange in stock. if you want one call them now!!
there was roomer before the cars were built of being 1000-4000. but then it was made record at 2000. then canands begged Dodge that they could get some limited runs and even paid 10k over list price the in the US. I heard now it like between 2125-2150. Not sure Dodge still has not posted with Dodge Challenger shaker Limited Run first owner on the actually total made.
Mine is # 1982
I thought there where 6 colors. I would love to know how many of each. I have purple #333. I would appreciate any info that's out there as the factory will not release this info. I have called them 4 times. ty