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The Mopar 14 Challenger Debuts at the 2013 SEMA Show

While we expected the new Mopar 14 Dodge Challenger to debut at the 2013 SEMA Show after the company released a teaser of the vehicle a few weeks back, what we didn’t expect was an even more limited edition car with a personalization system to make each of these specially equipped Challengers unique from the next.


The 2014 Dodge Challenger that serves as the basis for the Mopar 14 follows in the tradition of the Mopar 10 Dodge Challenger, the Mopar 11 Dodge Charger, the Mopar 12 Chrysler 300C and the Mopar 13 Dodge Dart in many ways but at the same time, it stands apart from these previous Mopar branded models in a handful of ways.

First of all, the Mopar 10, 11, 12 and 13 were all only available in black with a blue stripe (Mopar 10 was also available with a red or silver stripe). The Mopar 14 Challenger is available in Gloss Black but this is the first time that buyers can also select bright white and while there is a blue stripe, buyers can now pick between three different stripe packages including the new Shaker style found on the Challenger R/T Shaker, a rocker panel body stripe package or the A-line stripe package with the Mopar M and a stripe that runs up over the trunk lid (shown here). The Mopar 14 Challenger also features 20 inch Gloss Black wheels, a black grille surround, a black fuel filler door and a black decklid spoiler that wears the Mopar Design badge.

On the inside, the Mopar 14 Challenger features performance front seats in black Nappa leather with Mopar blue stitching and an embroidered Mopar M on the seat backs along with a serialized dash plaque and all of the normal features of the Dodge Challenger R/T.

The next area where – and perhaps the most important area – where the Mopar 14 Dodge Challenger differs from the previous Mopar models is the awesome new Shaker hood system that was introduced on the new Challenger R/T Shaker trimline just minutes before the Mopar 14 made its world debut. This new hood system calls upon the popular Shaker hood of the 1970s Challengers with an air scoop mounted directly on top of the engine, poking up through the hood to allow a ram air effect of the coolest air possible for optimum performance.

“The Mopar ’14 is yet another factory-engineered example of how Mopar can make even limited-edition muscle cars like the Challenger even more special,” said Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO of Mopar. “With three new ‘Scat Packages’ and more than 100 proven, quality-tested Mopar performance parts and accessories available for the Dodge Challenger, Mopar makes it simple through its one-stop customization shop.”

Finally, unlike any of the Mopar branded vehicles before, the Mopar 14 Dodge Challenger comes with a long list of accessories that the buyer can purchase to make his or her Mopar 14 truly unique. Buyers can select from a list of Mopar accessories that includes things like a short-throw shifter, performance suspension, lowering springs, a hood pin kit, a sequential taillight kit, a fuel filler door, unique badges and many more items. Far more importantly, the Mopar 14 can be fitted with any of the high performance Scat Pack kits to allow this Shaker-fed Challenger to make some serious horsepower including a full exhaust system with high flow headers, ported and polished cylinder heads and a high performance camshaft.

The only real bad news pertaining to the Mopar 14 Dodge Challenger is the production volume as with just 100 units being built – these won’t be easy to get nor will they come with much bargaining space. However, those 100 people who manage to buy one of the 100 Mopar 14 Challengers built in mid 2014 (ordering is expected to begin in March with deliveries beginning in Q2) will have one of the most unique and most rare modern American muscle cars.


Bill Hughes (not verified)    March 3, 2014 - 1:52AM

Those are what we saw on Shaker or everyone thought the Shaker was 100 made. i like Shaker in header orange more and at 100 cars i wouldn't even want to drive it. However who ever buys them and keep them great condition has some real money coming to them. No orange though, it will very hard Wow to get your hands on one of those. That 2 in every state that 20 times more rare than my Breilting Limited Edition watch. 11 Cuda that came with with convertibles have gone for 2 million dollar and guy had offer the next year for 5 million for the car, but didn't sell it. However if I had that kind of cash i buy Ferrari or Lambo or maybe both and McClarin and maybe a Buggati while I am at it, The cars that sell for high dollar whoever buys them gets a car with extremely low milage almost like new condition. i know the Shaker sold out in 4 days to all the dealers and i thought i missed my chance, but luckily my dealer was one of dealers who ordered 2 so i got mine and im waiting for my order to come in.