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2011 looks to be a record sales year for the Ford Fusion

Including today, there are three sales days left in the 2011 calendar year and when the year’s final tally comes in, Ford Motor Company expects their popular Ford Fusion sedan to top the 240,000 unit plateau – marking the Fusion’s best year since being introduced and making the Fusion Ford’s bestselling car for 2011.

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This is the Ford Fusion’s 6th full year of production, having been introduced for the 2006 model year and getting a facelift for the 2010 models. 2010 was the previous best year with 219,219 units sold but at the end of November 2011, Ford had already sent out 226,445 new Fusion sedans to new consumers around the US. Ford sold almost 20,000 new Fusion models in November and the automaker has averaged over 20,000 Fusions sold per month so there should be no issue with the Fusion and Fusion Hybrid sales from topping the 240,000 mark by the end of December. Should the Fusion pull off an amazing December and beat its monthly average, Ford could see their midsized sedan top the quarter million mark in sales – although Ford is sticking to the target of 240,000.

When the Ford Fusion was introduced in 2006, it moved 142,502 units for a market share of 6.7% of the midsized sedan segment but with the 219,219 sedans sold in 2010, the Fusion had seen its share of the segment grow to an impressive 11.9%. This growth accounts for a 54% increase in market share over those five years while the main competitors in the class – the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord – saw their market share drop by 27% and 20% respectively over the same 5 years.

Ford Motor Company will use the 2012 North American International Auto Show as the grand stage for the debut of the next generation Ford Fusion and from what we have heard; this new Fusion should continue to shatter the sales records set by the first generation models. The next generation Ford Fusion is expected to be completely new so that means that we could see a new platform, a new look and new drivetrains – although we should expect that the uber popular Fusion Hybrid will return along with fuel sipping traditional gas models.

Ford has been careful to keep the next generation Fusion out of the eye of the public and spyshooters alike but the current preview website of the new Fusion,, has a countdown clock with the simple phrase “Stay Tuned for More Than You Ever Expected!” Based on that, we should expect the next generation Ford Fusion to be something worth talking about by the media and the consumer market.

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veronicaB (not verified)    January 6, 2012 - 3:50AM

Having learned its lesson early on, Ford has continued to innovate and respond to the needs of its customers. In 1993, the company made it first foray into a more environmentally friendly ethanol-burning vehicle. In 1997 it started making taxicabs that run on natural gas.