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Watch how 2016 Chevy Colorado maneuvers through some rocks

Take a look how the 2016 Duramax Chevrolet Colorado is being tested and maneuvers through some rocks in the desert on day 2 of our 4x4 of the year test.


This video is shared by the 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine. Some people watching this may say "come on Colorado, you can do better," but see this. None of the "off road" packages released by Chevrolet are intended to do half the testing that is being run in this video. They are usually meant for those drivers who drive in logging roads, drill site access roads and perhaps a little bit of ground where there is no road at all. Let's say a Chevy Colorado driving through an open field.

Have you ever seen any place where in the design of these trucks the carmaker has decided they should be used to drive over a rock the size of a Chevy Spark? Well, here is the testing video. What do you think?

The Duramax Chevy Colorado maneuvers through some rocks in the desert on day 2 of our 4x4 of the year test.#4x4oty2016#4WORPosted by 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine on Friday, December 18, 2015

On the other hand, there is the opposite view too. Like one reader put it, you don't want to see a fire roads you could do in a Civic. You want to see the Chevy Colorado's true abilities and limits. In this way you will know what the truck, in this case the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Duramax, is capable of doing and what Chevrolet is selling you. It certainly helps your buying decision making.

Now, to balance these two opinions, most people don't need a rig for crawling rocks and going through mud. What they need is a reliable truck that can go 70+ miles per hour over frost heaved paved roads and potholes, get you from home to work and back, and have good towing capability.

Is this the full potential of the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado, or can it do better? Also see Video Shows How 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Duramax Is Being Tested.


dave (not verified)    December 19, 2015 - 6:28PM

That front airdam is not going to promote off road prowess as well it has a very limited ground clearance .