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Tesla Model S 60 vs 85 In Terms of Battery Upgrade and From Owners' Perspective

"Are all Tesla Model S 60s eligible to upgrade to the 75kwh? We're debating between getting a 60 vs 85. Also, do you get anything else with the upgrade (such as performance) or is it just unlocking the capacity/range?' asked one person in a Tesla Model S forum. Here is what the community members said.

Generally they say that the battery upgrade depends on how old the Tesla Model S 60 is. Apparently if it's from mid-2016 onward then it is eligible for the software upgrade to 75. No performance upgrade, just battery and range. I think a quick call to the closest Tesla dealership will answer this question.

Model S 85 Has Better Battery and Range vs Model S 60

If you have the money and can afford it, some people say go for the Tesla Model S 85. They say it has a better resale value and it will be better in terms of range anxiety. If you like taking road trips you will enjoy the extra charge. It makes sense because it's a bit uneasy when you at 8% charge heading towards a supercharger. But of course, it costs more.

Depending on your car ownership and driving habits it is always recommended to get the bigger battery that you can afford. This is especially important if the Tesla Model S is your primary car for road trips. You know, some families own one ICE car and one EV, which they use for city short driving. But you want to have a bigger battery if this is your primary car for moving from point A to point B. Thus the battery capacity is a big advantage of Tesla Model S 85 vs Tesla Model S 60.

Examine Your Driving Habits and Commute

However, if you are an average driver with a 50 mile or less commute daily then it will not matter and Tesla Model S 85 won't have a significant advantage over Model S 60. But once you start riding your Model S for leisure you get used to the pleasant experience and you will not want to end your joy ride. Bigger battery here helps.

On the other hand, the current Model S 60 is as fast as the original Model S 85. If you spend few thousand dollars to upgrade to 75, it will have virtually the same range. The currently Model S 60 model is much more efficient than the previous one. And Tesla has reduced the price of the upgrade for the software limited to Model S 60 owners in April when the company dropped the price of the 75 by $7,500 and discontinued the Model S 60.

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