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Short Descriptions of Why Nissan Leaf Owners Don't Like Their Car or Love It

Most Nissan Leaf owners love their Leaf and give it a very high rating out of ten, but the range and winter are the only reasons those ratings don't make ten out of ten. Here is what Leaf owners say about their cars if you are considering to purchase a new or used Leaf.


"Greetings. My wife and I are considering on purchasing a new Nissan Leaf 2018. Can you please rate your own Nissan out of 10 and if you have time can you give me a small description as to why you don't like your car or love it thanks for your time. This was the question and the subsequent discussion, which I read this afternoon on Canada Nissan Leaf Owners public group on Facebook. It's a useful discussion and I am sharing some of the most interesting and helpful comments below for your perusal.

On of the group members wrote that he had a 2015 Nissan Leaf and absolutely loved it. "But it was ugly and not enough range, so I sold it. The 2018 SL looks fantastic and the range is perfect. Great choice," wrote Carl.

I agree, Nissan Leaf is not the most beautiful car in the world. They have this very unusual front end where the headlights look like guppy eyes. We should say it's lovably ugly. For Leaf's price it should be more premium and I think starting the 2018 models they are on the right track in terms of visible aesthetics.

The Only Downside of Nissan Leaf Is Range

"I have a 2012 SL and have 53,000 miles on it. On the scale of one to ten my rating is 8. The car operates, handles, performs and rides great with plenty of features that make it almost luxury. The only downside I have is the range. My model also lacks the quick charge option, which I now regret a little. Having a level 2 charger at home now is perfect," writes Grant Berezan from Canada.

Here are few other owners from the group who tell the brief stories of their Nissan Leafs and rate them out of 10.

Len Thong 8.5 Rating
I absolutely love my 2013 SV Leaf. Downside is the range, of course, and fit and finish of the car (bumper and some panels not fully aligned from factory), and Nissan’s poor treatment of customers who bought US imported vehicles (Len is from Canada). Coming from owning exclusively Toyota cars I am used to better. The car itself I give a solid 8.5 rating. Nissan gets five.

Miriam Lambert 9 Rating
I have a 2014 Leaf S with a quick charge that I bought used with 22,000 kms on it last year. I give it a 9 out of ten. The only reason it's not a full ten is that it is difficult with the 24kwh pack to do long trips. It can be done, but it is a challenge. My battery was at 99% when I bought it, and it dropped to 98% this summer. Much to my surprise though, as soon as the cooler temperatures hit, my battery went back up to 100%! I really do love my Nissan Leaf. I have put almost 28,000 kms on it and it is going to be at 50,000 kms in the next week or so with 100% battery. I just wish we went electric sooner.

Alex San
My 2012 Nissan Leaf has been a great car. I would say that the 2018 has the range I wish my 2012 would have had. No other issues.

Michael Chen 8 Rating
I have a 2013 S with 32,000 kms. I got a used one in August 2017 with 25,000km. Aside from wanting more range my Leaf is a champ. It drives great even in this super cold weather. It just starts and drives. My rating of Nissan Leaf out of ten is 8/10. It is more fun, feels peppier to drive than my 2017 Volt. If you are unsure, buy a used one for cheap. Drive it and learn the ins and outs. Then you will make a more informed choice on what next.

Terry Orr 9 Rating
I have a 2015 Leaf. It is a very well designed car. Drives beautifully, handles well, quiet and roomy inside. We drive it in the city. There is no range anxiety. We never come close to running out of juice. However, difficult to do road trips, therefore not perfect, just 9/10.

You Need a Garage if It's Super Cold

Vincent Boisvert 8 Rating
I rate my Nissan Leaf 8 out of ten. it's super good during summer, but if it's getting very cold outside you pretty much need a garage.

Dom Micheletti 9 Rating
Mine is a 2012 Leaf SL. I am giving it a solid 9 rating out of ten. So far, the best car I have ever owned, but not sure it’s still the best affordable EV today. Range is the issue, but I rarely need a lot. Everything else is way better than a normal car: total cost, no need to stop at the pump, "energy price," maintenance, comfort, acceleration, even removing the snow is easier since the car heats up in advance on request. The ever growing Quick Charge infrastructure helps also. It can get frustrating for longer trips, but the newer model will lower the need to stop often to quick charge. My next car will remain an EV, for sure, but I’ll try to keep that one for several years.

Nissan Leaf's Summer Rating vs Winter Rating

Rob Spreitzer 9/10 vs 6/10
I give Nissan Leaf 9/10 rating for Summer and 6/10 rating for Winter. I only have a 24kWh battery and no L3 charging in my 2015 Leaf S, but I have nearly 55,000 miles on it and no real issues. For me my Leaf has been an awesome car. I drive it nearly everywhere and I can't wait for my 2018 SL to arrive in the next month or two.

P Jade Jong 8 Rating
I have a 2016 Nissan Leaf S with QCDC. It has a 24 kWh battery. Range in winter is not what as much as I would like it, but it does the trick around Edmonton for all my running around even across town. Summer is awesome. It packs giant young adults with ease and comfort. it fits a 55" TV in the back with no issues. I ove the backup camera, zippy, spunky driving, lots of fun. My Leaf's interior is nice, but an SV with the winter package or SL would be more comfortable for winter. 30 kWh battery or better would be preferred. Drives like a dream even on Winter roads. Just get Winter tires - recommend Nokians. I live in a condo, so my Leaf lives a life of luxury with heated underground parking. My rating is 8/10. Only because I am waiting for a Tesla Model 3. For my young adults, this is a perfect, cost predictable, fun car to drive. My sons would take it in a heartbeat. If you have downtown and close to where you live and travel charging infrastructure in your city, this is a no brainier. The price point for entry was also very reasonable.

Larry Harvey 9 Rating
Mine is a 2015 SL USA import. I bought it last summer so no Nissan Connect. We bought it for city trips around Calgary as my ICE car never left the city in its last 2 years before we sold it. We have a Nissan Rouge, witch my wife drives when I am not home or for long trips. For what we bought the Leaf for 9/10 would be higher if Nissan Canada allowed TCU upgrades and had a bigger battery for longer trips.

Gillian Roberts 9 Rating
Nissan Leaf is the best car I have ever owned (Datsun 510, Volvo wagon, Mazda glc, etc. ). After 4.5 years I still love it. I need more range or better infrastructure to travel on longer trips in a timely manner. 9/10 rating.

Mike Banks
We bought a used 2012 Leaf last year for using around town. We thought range would be an issue because it’s an early Leaf with a small battery, but it hasn’t been a big deal at all. We seldom need to get a charge while away from home like you do with an oil car. We are sold on electric cars and will never go back to oil cars! The 2018 version is a dramatic improvement from the one we have and will be an excellent vehicle for most people I think. You will love it!

Michelle Ereaut
I just bought my Leaf (2017) this summer and I love it! I am never going back to a gas fueled vehicle ever again. My husband has a regular car and after driving my EV his engine makes it sound like a beater - it’s not, but it is too loud. I can easily fit my 2 med sized dogs in the back. Comfy for kids, we love the heated seats. It does take longer to charge in the winter and my feet are a bit chilly, minor price to pay. I received excellent incentives on purchase. Oh and my favorite part, by not purchasing gas my car almost pays for itself.

Editor's note: As most of these Nissan Leaf owners give their Leaf eight or nine rating out of ten, it looks like the only downsize for them is the range, which, we know, has improved in the 2018 version of the Leaf. Now, I have a question for you. Do you think Leaf will be your only car, or do you still keep an ICE car for long range trips? Please share your opinions and your rating of Nissan leaf in the comments section below. If you liked this article and think it may help your friends, consider sharing or tweeting it to your followers.


Chandana (not verified)    February 28, 2018 - 12:16AM

Having a Leaf 2012 AZEO vehicle, 53km done and indicating 7 capacity battery bars, any possibility for improvement in Sri Lankan?

Sonja Morrison (not verified)    August 13, 2021 - 6:30PM

I have a 2014 Leaf. I give it a 7. It feels tin-cannish after driving a Volvo for years. The range is horrible, and the windshield frame by the door blocks a lot of the view , I am constantly leaning to the right to see around it. I am going to look at the newer models and perhaps other EVs.