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The Reason Why Tesla May Curtail Model S Autopilot Capabilities in The Upcoming Update

A bit of bad news for Tesla Model S owners with autopilot. Looks like Tesla is planning to severely curtail the capabilities of autopilot in the next software upgrade (7.1). Reason is given as 'crazy behavior' of some of the Model S owners abusing the version 7.0 of the autopilot which was released in October, writes one EV owner at Electric Vehicle Assn. of Alberta (EVAA).

He is referring to this story in Mashable.

I wanted to see what EV and Tesla owners think about this possible development and here are some comments shared by group members.

Trevor Dewaard
I hope all Tesla Model S owners understand that the auto pilot program is in beta, and these restrictions are to ensure auto pilot can remain on the roads legally. If people are abusing the system, and mistakes start to happen due to user abuse, laws will be changed and I really don't want to see it get banned.

Greg Petti
I haven't read those articles but my understanding is that in 7.1, if the car is going over 70 Kms/hr and the road is not divided, then auto steer will not engage.

David Harrower
I knew this was coming after the Hong Kong thing... That and every single autopilot Youtube video violating the recommended usage rules.

So is it like Tesla saw the potential violations on Youtube and people possibly abusing it, this is why it decides to curtail it? What are your thoughts?

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