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Get Ready Tesla Model S and Model X drivers, AutoPilot is almost here

Elon Musk tweeted recently that on October 15th, the seventh version of Tesla’s software will be released worldwide. During a short Q&A on Twitter, Musk stated that the Autopilot capabilities will be the same for both the Model X and Model S cars if equipped with the appropriate hardware.

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Musk also agreed with the question that the following functionality would be available from the update: lane change, highway auto-steer and the ability to summon the car via the phone app.

Musk stated he expected the roll-out of the software to be completed after roughly 5 days. So if you see a Tesla S or X driving along side of you and the driver looks sound asleep, chances are he/she could be testing the highway autopilot functionality.

As stated in a previous article, the self-driving car will inevitably cause many disruptions in the current marketplace. As more and more cars become driverless and companies like Uber require, less and fewer people may decide to purchase a car at all.

I’m planning on doing a follow-up story once the software update has been installed and I will road test the features and report back to you about the experience.

Since this is the true cutting edge of automotive engineering, it will be a great experience to drive a Tesla and see if we can summon the car from a parking lot and see if drive over to us. It will be great to test it on the highway and see if we can fall asleep while the car is moving. Self-parking isn’t actually a new idea so that one isn’t as exciting but will interesting to test out.

So I’m sure many Tesla owners are very excited by this upcoming update and it will be the start of many more innovations to come.

The tweets have all be deleted however the dialog can be found here:

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Aaron Turpen    October 12, 2015 - 9:40PM

Interesting that Tesla isn't on the list of manufacturers who said they would be liable should an auto-driving car get in an accident. It's also interesting that no other news source is reporting this as "full autopilot" is coming on Thursday. Others are saying that lane keeping and (possibly) self parking in a garage will be coming. At most.