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New Short Video Shows Tesla Model 3 Test Driving on a Track

Just few days after Tesla Model 3 was filmed on a California roads a new video surfaced showing a Matte Black Tesla Model 3 being test driven on an unspecified track.

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Frankly, I am not sure if this video of a Tesla Model 3 is a real one or done through a computer software. But it looks very good and close to reality. What do you think?

In it it shows a car, looking like a Tesla Model 3, test driving on an unknown track. The video is very short. It only runs 0.16 seconds, that's why it's difficult to gather more than we can see there from the that short video.

In it the Model 3 makes few rounds and has few close shots. If you remember few days ago another Tesla Model 3 was filmed on interstate 280 in California. No one questioned its authenticity and people thought it's very close to the final product Telsa Model 3 reservation holders may be getting when their pre-orders arrive.

Here is the new Model 3 video

What do you think, is this real? If yes, where is it filmed? Even if it's not the real one, it's still interesting to watch. Also, don't miss this good news for Tesla Model 3 pre-orders as your reservation may come earlier than you think because of this decision taken at Tesla few days ago.

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