Tesla Model 3 Spyshot
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Likely The 1st Tesla Model 3 is Spied on Interstate 280 in CA, Video

An amazing video posted today on YouTube shows Tesla Model 3 driving on highway 280 in California. Could this be the first Matte Black Tesla Model 3 on public roads?

Today a Youtube user named Jeff Klakring posted a nice video on his Youtube channel showing a Tesla Model 3 driving on Interstate 280 in California. See how likely the 1st Model 3 looks like in public roads.

"Now in a video posted to Youtube today and filmed in Palo Alto, near Tesla’s headquarters, we see what is likely the first Model 3 prototype testing on public roads. The video shows a Matte Black Model 3 prototype escorted by two Model S cars," writes Wayne Smith in Elon Musk public Facebook group. Probably Tesla employees and engineers are test driving the Model 3 making sure everything works fine.

This is a nice drive by footage and it shows Model 3 driving very smoothly on public roads. Also this is a good news for the Model 3 reservation holders as this is a welcome video, showing the production may be really on target and hoping that the pre-orders will be shipped on time or sooner than the estimated target dates.

What do you think about this video? What do you notice about Model 3 from this drive by footage? I can't spot anything new in the video that we haven't seen when Model 3 was unveiled. Also this video gives a rare look of the inside of the car.

Your comments are most welcome. I wish the phone was rotated, but I understand it was hard doing it while also filming the Model 3 on a public road. In any case, thanks for the video gimps. It's good to see it. The more I see it the more I like the Model 3.

Tesla Model 3

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How is that not an S. I thought the model 3 was going to have a trunk that car clearly has a hatchback.
It's the 3, but it's the same preproduction model shown off in the reveal. Even the door handles are still the old style. The silver and red models had the newer style which they confirmed will be on the production model. This is the first prototype.
Also its a standard steering wheel, Musk hinted at a redesigned cockpit and steering.
This may be one of the cars from the reveal, however it seems they have mounted different turbine wheels on the car.