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Why Tesla Model 3 Reservation Holders Prefer To Wait and Not Take Model S 60 Offer

Tesla's recent Model S 60 reintroduction is considered as a counter-offer to Model 3 reservation holders to take advantage of larger-sized and compared to Model S 70 a cheaper priced Model S 60 to clear the backlog. But as I read in online forums Tesla Model 3 reservation holders prefer waiting for their Model 3 vs taking advantage of the Model S 60 and here is why.

First of all Tesla's Model S 60 will appeal only those Model 3 reservation holders who plan to load their Model 3 with extras. These people may serious consider taking Tesla's offer vs waiting. However, let's think,; how many people are planning to load their Model 3 cars with extras to push the price north?

From what I read in forum discussions some people say they can't afford the Model S 60. They say they barely afford the Model 3. This tells us that they are going to go for the minimum configuration that Model 3 comes.

Waiting for Tesla Model 3 vs Buying Model S60

"I' will still wait for the Model 3. I would much rather have a fully loaded Model 3 for $60,000+ than a bare bones Model S for the same price," writes Randy in one of the Tesla related forums, who currently drives a Scion tC. He says he simply wants to upgrade to roughly the same-sized car and doesn't need a full-size luxury sedan like Model S 60. But he also says that if the Model 3 still was a myth, then a$60K Model S 60 would appeal to him. "The way things are I am happy to wait and put aside $10,000 or so over the next 18+ months," writes Randy.

For some people S60 is too big and expensive to replace their current small cars and they say they will stick to standard Model 3. "No AP, no AWD, just over 200 miles of range, sounds like a Model 3, but for twice the cost," writes Steven referring to Model S 60. And what about if you drive in the snowy or icy conditions? Once you upgrade the battery and get the basic needed features, S 60 becomes a $80K car again. Besides, AWD is a very useful option not only in snowy conditions, but also in rainy and slipper roads.

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"For now I will wait," writes Michael. But he says he may decide later on once more is known about the available options. "While the S60 is an attractive price, I'll still want at a minimum autopilot, dual motors, and upgraded seats which will widen the gap. There are a few other options I would want too," he adds saying adding options depend on budget. I wonder if upgrading options will be cheaper on Model 3.

Loaded Model 3 Cheaper Than Model S 60
Some people write that if they wait for their Tesla Model 3 and load them with options, it may still be cheaper than Model S 60. The price difference may be small, but a fully loaded Model 3 is more preferable for them than lightly loaded Model S.

"I am a reservation holder" writes Kristopher, referring to Tesla Model 3. "As much as I love the look and build of the S, I'd rather have a better equipped car. With 3, I can get the D, as well as some of the other features like a bigger pack, autopilot etc." he adds.

"I considered it. But once you load it up with extras, it's still not something I should be buying. Loaded Model 3 will be perfect for me, and cheaper than base S60," writes another forum member Steven.

Here is another interesting point. Some people prefer to have two Model 3 for a family than one Model s. " I'd rather have two Model 3's bare-bone than one mid equipped Model S," writes Devin.

I admit that there will be some people who will prefer the look and size of the Model S 60 and it's promised quick delivery, but overall it seems that many Model 3 reservation holders prefer not to take advantage of Tesla's offer and wait. Also, what do you think? Will the upgrading options be cheaper on Model S or Model 3?

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Another possible option is if you're on the list for a Model 3, buy a model 60 or 60D now and in two years trade it on a Model 3?
Who do you think will do that? If you have a Model S 60D it is a 75D software limited. Who do you think will downgrade and how much is the 60 D after 2 years? will it give you an equivalent 3?
Jay, I may do that, can't speak for others. My 60D has the software limited 75 battery pack. Can't answer your other questions but my 60D is very light on options so my thinking is I could get a 3 very well optioned and have a smaller vehicle as there's just me. Not saying the S is a big car, it isn't. Hope I helped with your, what seem like, accusatory inquiries.
If a reservation holder faces an immediate need to replace their car then it's a different story. Bridging from now until 2018 or 2019 would consume a lot of the savings.
Thanks Donald. I am agonizing about this choice. I must pull trigger or not this week. Bird in the hand vs one in bush is leaving me sleepless.
Welcome Jay. Did anyone mention that owning an S or an X (or a Roadster I guess) move you up on the Model 3 waiting list (assuming you're already on it). If I'm wrong about it being a "nearly" even trade of a 2016 S for a 20?? Model 3, you'll be "stuck" with a marvelous car (60D). I'm probably sounding like a Tesla salesperson but don't mean to. Make your own most rational decision of course. Have had my 60D since 8/5/16 and could not be more pleased.