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The Latest Interiror Images of Tesla Model 3 from Imgur

I searched Imgur and found very interesting images of Tesla Model 3, which you can see here.


As you know few days ago Tesla made a big announcement revealing the details of its Model 3 release. The schedule of the Model 3 release is clear. The first models will come out on July 7. 30 cars will be made and sold on July 28 and Tesla hopes to reach 20,000 unites per month by December.

We have already seen lots of exterior pictures of Model 3, including videos of Model 3 driving on the streets. While this story has both interior and exterior pictures of Model 3, we haven't seen many interior pictures that can clearly show us what the inside of the Tesla Model 3 looks like.

I decided to search for them on Imgur and found few interesting images of Tesla Model 3, which I would like to embed here below. See what you think. Based on these pictures do you think that Tesla Model 3's interior is rather boring, or very plain? Or may be it's simply very innovative and everything is in that display? Would love to hear your opinions on that.

Here is one image. Courtesy of Imgur.

Tesla Model 3 Interior

Here is a Tweet that has a good spy shot of Tesla Model 3 interior.

If you are a Tesla follower, here are 4 really interesting things you need to know about Model 3. Also don't miss this cool drone idea that can recharge an electric car on the go.

This story is updated on May 11, 2018.