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Tesla Model 3 Interior and Exterior Pictures

You will not surprise anyone with Tesla Model 3 exterior pictures, but interior pictures are different. And here are some.

This person, who was obviously very close to Tesla Model 3, posted these pictures of the interior and exterior of the Model 3 on Imgur. They seem fresh images, but apparently there were posted 10 days ago and have gone fairly unnoticed.

From a tweeted that was posted today by Amit Bahree, these images were taken when Tesla Model 3 was super charging. Amit is a "Geek, Hubby, (clueless) Dad,F1 & Haiku fan. @AvanadeInc's MSFT Chief Tech Innovation Officer -CTIO," we learn from his Twitter page.

A lot of information can be gathered from these interior and exterior images. What do you see specifically? Feel free comment in our comments section.

Update: We had the pictures shared here, but since Google AMP doesn't accept blockquote pictures from Imgure, you can see the pictures in this link at Imgur.

By the way, today few hours ago 2 Tesla Model 3 cars, one in white color and another in dark blue color, were spotted and videoed in Chinatown in San Francisco. And we are still waiting for Elon Musk's promised announcement about the production and delivery of Model 3.