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Justin Bieber drives Ferrari F430, hit by Honda in LA

The Ferrari F430 (the price of which is more than $200,000) of the Canadian singer Justin Bieber was struck by another car in a parking garage in Los Angeles Tuesday. He called the police, who came and said there is nothing to write a report.

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The Ferrari F430 and its famous driver are doing well. A slight accident that no injuries and no damage. Justin Bieber was involved in a mini-car accident Tuesday while trying to park in a parking garage in Los Angeles.

Driving his Ferrari, the 17-years old Canadian singer was slightly hit by a Honda who wanted to go around. "There were no injuries or damage" said a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department. This will reassure the many admirers of the Bieber.

According to TMZ , the accident was so minor that the driver of the Honda vehicle did not even stop. However, as a precaution, Justin Bieber preferred to call the police, which confirmed that there was nothing to write a report.

TMZ said the singer was not the owner of the car. Remember, driving is permitted from 16 years in the United States. According to Bieber owns a Honda Civic. He was borrowing a Ferrari for a show in Los Angeles.

The price of a new Ferrari F430 is around $200,000. The price of a used model can range from 48,000 dollars to $115,000, depending on the year and the mileage driven.

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Should the 17-year old teenager driver a Ferrari F430?

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AnonymousOne (not verified)    September 1, 2011 - 10:08AM

The car driven was a Ferrari California, not the F430. Look at the pics on the TMZ story. With a site name using Torque, I'd expect some familiarity with car engines and models.