Flying 2013 Chevy Camaro
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Girl Who Drives "Flying" 2013 Chevy Camaro Hotwheels Daily

Do you think the 2013 Chevy Camaro Hotwheels in this picture looks like flying? Meet the owner Michell Holland from Woodlands, TX sharing the story of this amazing vehicle.

My Hottie is one of about 1500 Camaro Hotwheels Editions produced produced by Chevrolet and one of about 500 in the automatic v8.

Her Base is the 2013 2ss 6.2ltr 405hp, her Hotwheels package is an appearance package with a special Kinetic blue metallic paint, two tone matte finish vinyl striping, 21" black painted five spoke alloy rims with red stripe to match the toy size version. Also it comes with the ZL1 grille rocker panels, and rear spoiler. The Hotwheels ghost flames on the back panels. And of course her badging on the front, back and sides.

This Camaro's interior has the all black leather with red stitching, embroidered seats with HW logo. Also door sill plates and steering wheel have the badging.

She is all stock at this time, but mods will start soon. I had two 12" Alpines added, under glow and footwell lightening done. And husband blacked out my bow ties.

She was designed with the first Mattel HotWheels toy cars produced in mind. Even keeping the color close to the original and if I recall the black five spoke rims.

She is special to me though because this Chevy Camaro was a 20 year anniversary gift from my husband. Perfect gift for this big kid at heart. But she has brought so many phenomenal people into my life that I cannot even describe how blessed and lucky I feel to drive her. For now she is also my daily driver. How many people do you know that can say they drive a Hotwheels around everyday? My husband loved her power so much that he took his v6 in and traded for a Crystal red auto V8 just 3 days later.

My favorite toys as a young girl were not my dolls it was my Hotwheels and the crushed rock driveway with the hundreds of little towns I built in it. My dad would be working on his car and even had me help him now and then. He passed years ago but I can only imagine his face if he saw what a beautiful and fun ride we have now.

Shortly before we got her we had ran into a group of Chevy Camaros coming back from a fun run that had stopped to get ice cream close to where we live in, The Woodlands, Texas. We joined their club H-town Camaro club (HTCC) and now have an awesome new Camaro family. Our rather dull social life has not been the same since. We also met some great car enthusiast from another local car club, West Houston Muscle and will become official members very soon. In November we had the opportunity to roll into Autorama as a group and spent the day there. I can't wait for the next one because I hope to have her mods done and have her entered into it. I am still new to this wonderful muscle/classic car world, but can't imagine life without it now.

I have to say its kind of fun when the guys see me, a 44 year old mom, roll up next to them in a Hotwheels and then leave them behind. But my all time favorite is the little ones that notice it's a Hotwheels pulls the parents back to see her and then their faces when I open the door and let them sit in her. My Camaro is not really ever going to be a real race car but she sure does make driving a lot more fun because she does not know how to do slow.

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Thanks Armen.
I live in Kingwood Tx and have the hot wheels addition V 8 .Everyone keeps telling me they saw me in the Woodlands know wonder why just 30 min. Away there is one like mine.I have yet to see it but I know I love my bright blue
Awesome I have a hot wheels too !! I would love to see pics of yours!!!