Bigger Trunk Lid for Tesla Model 3
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Elon Musk on Twitter Confirms Bigger Trunk Lid for Tesla Model 3

It looks like Tesla Model 3 will have a bigger trunk lid, at list this is what Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed on his twitter.

As you can see from Musk's yesterday's tweet reply to a Twitter user Nick G, the bigger trunk lid for Model 3 is already taken care of. Nick asked Musk in tweet, "but bigger trunk opening for Model 3? That's the most important thing." To this, Musk replied, "@nickg_uk already taken care of."

I am not sure how big the new Model 3 trunk lid will be. Probably it will not be as big as the trunk of the Model S, but anything in between is better size than what we saw at the first reveal of the Model 3. What do you think?I as

At this point in time we don't know the full dimensions of Model 3's trunk, but I assume we may know them within few months so people can put their full orders with options. The Gigafactory's grand opening is scheduled for July 29, or 2016 as soon after that they will probably start rolling Model 3s that are either the production units or close to the final version.

Some Tesla Model 3 reservation holders and enthusiasts were hoping the car will have similar trunk lid as the hatchback rear door of the Model S sedan. As you can see in this Youtube video, the guests who were present to at the Model 3 unveiling show us a glimpse of the early design of Tesla Model 3 trunk. And as you can see in the recent video, which showed a Model 3 being test driven near Tesla headquarters in Palo Alto, even in that version the trunk doesn't seem to be bigger than in the video below, which showed what Tesla Model 3 looked like during the first reveal.

But now, it's good that Elon Musk confirmed that Model 3 will have a bigger trunk lid, which will allow families to put more belongings when doing grocery shopping or taking a vacation.

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