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DOT Releases Cybertruck VIN Decoder Revealing Surprising Information

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has released the Cybertruck VIN decoder, providing essential information about this revolutionary electric pickup truck.


This decoder serves as a centralized source for decoding Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) specific to the Cybertruck. It offers insights into various aspects of the vehicle, including its powertrain, weight, and configurations. While the specific model information may not be officially confirmed from the VIN decoder, some crucial details are available.

Here's what the Cybertruck's VIN decoder reveals:

  • Powertrain Information: The decoder offers details about the powertrain options available for the Cybertruck, such as dual and triple motor configurations.
  • GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating): While some model-specific information might not be confirmed, the GVWR data is available. This rating provides valuable insights into the Cybertruck's weight and capacity.

This is very informative as I learned several things. 

First, is that Cybertruck will have Dual and Tri motor configs only. Cybertruck will have no single motor RWD or Quad motor. I think if they are going to do a quad motor variant of the Cybertruck, they'll do that later to minimize complexity during production ramp. Especially, since Tesla hasn't already done it on another model.

Also, from the list, we learned that GVWR 'Class H' 9,000-10,000lbs. That's a Class 2b, aka 3/4 ton trucks like F250 and Chevy 2500. Funny enough, 'Class H' is about 450lbs higher than the heaviest (largest battery pack) Ford F-150 Lightning.

Keep in mind that if Tesla keeps the Cybertruck's the 3,500 lbs payload it would mean dual motor weights at most 5,500 lbs and tri-motor 6,500 lbs, lighter than all other EV trucks, specifically if the range from the unveil remains the same or better

This release is a promising step for those looking to purchase the Cybertruck, as it allows prospective buyers to get a glimpse of the vehicle's features and capabilities. With the official launch date approaching, this VIN decoder offers a sneak peek into what to expect.

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