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Be on TV with Honda, share Your story

Honda Cars UK wants to make a star of you and take you on TV if you are a Honda driver.


The Japanese Automaker's UK division is looking for stories about unusual or fascinating use of your Honda to make a star of its Channel 4. Drivers simply need to share their stories to be in with a chance of appearing on TV.

Asking for unusual and fascinating use the auto maker means something like turning your Honda Civic into an ice cream van. "Or perhaps you use your hedge trimmer to create outlandish creatures? Whatever your story, if it’s unexpected, and just a little bit silly, we’d like to hear it."

Participation is easy. The carmaker wants its fans to upload a photo or two (or a video if one feels adventurous), and accompany them by a brief description of what the driver and his/her Honda get up to. Then, the company is going to turn the story into a mini documentary. It will be shown online. The company will also create TV snippets for its Channel 4 and More 4 documentary sponsorship.

Fans can upload their photo or see the latest stories at