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After We Reported 2018 Nissan 370Z's Irrelevancy Z Owners Say Price Is Too High

Early in September TorqueNews reported that 2018 Nissan 370Z is becoming irrelevant and that the future is even more bleak for this vehicle. I asked in several Nissan Z groups why is the new Z becoming irrelevant? Most of the Z owners who responded, mentioned the high price.


"It’s a good thing Nissan didn’t raise the price on the 2018 370Z, because sales would have slid further backward. Unfortunately, Nissan execs seem content to let the Z car slip into irrelevance," wrote Denis Flierl TorqueNews Nissan reporter early this month.

The Price of Z Is High

Here are few comments from current Z owners and enthusiasts about the situation that may shed more light on the situation. These ones are particularly from 300zx Z32 Workshop group on Facebook.

"Bring their high prices down and maybe they will sell. Nissan has been doing it wrong for a decade at least now," wrote a group member Brad Korotkov and six other Nissan 370Z enthusiasts or owners liked his comment.

A Nissan 370Z owner, named Matthew Brown goes even deeper, explaining the price and value, comparing it to Ford Mustang.

No turbos, no power, and the mustang is the better car no matter how you look at it. I love my Z32, but I'll buy a new Mustang over a 370z hands down. It's also just not as cool as it should be, can't really explain that."

"Me too," replies a user Adam Jones. "I was just shopping for a new car, and I can buy a 440 horsepower beautiful new Ford Mustang, or a 330 horsepower beautiful 370Z that has been out for almost 10 years for roughly the same price. Why would anyone go with the Z, other than brand loyalty? You can even buy an ecoboost Mustang with as much power as the 370Z."

Here is what another Z enthusiast, Nicholas Bretagna says. "I have a Z32 300. It was getting long in the tooth for a daily driver, so I sought a replacement. I was looking at 350/370s and just wasn't all that impressed. I drove a Genesis Coupe (Track) and decided that was the car I wanted. I like the distinctiveness of the Z. There's no other car that looks like it. But the Genesis Coupe 3.8Track had 25 more HP for about the same curb weight, handled itself just as well in the corners, and is as much fun as the Z. Plus you get more car for the buck."

Styling Cues Going To Entire Lineup

Have you noticed that the recent models of Nissan lineup look really good. For example, I am impressed by the new Nissan Maxima. Now the Z owners say why should they pay high prices for the Z cars if they can get similar styles from other Nissan Vehicles. Here is one interesting comment from the group. "When you steal the unique styling cues from your sports car and apply them to your entire lineup of sedans, the sports car loses its allure. A 240z was unique, who wants a sports car that looks just like grandmas sedan?" asks user Steve Frisby.

"I like the look of the new z370, but it has been out a while and if I had the money I'd buy one if it weren't for the abomination of an interior they designed. And yes, it needs more appeal for the price," wrote yet another member in the group, Hunger Jones.

Nissan needs to hear these voices. Automakers can constantly improve their vehicles and price offerings if they listen to their loyal customers and their concerns.Do you agree that Nissan needs to either lower the price or offer more value for the money?


Ted Gruner (not verified)    September 23, 2017 - 5:52PM

I am a current owner of the 2003 350 Track Z and love it. I also feel the price is to high for the new Z and way under powered for the money. Not in love with the new styling. They should offer a turbo version or put the GTR motor in the car to really give it a new life. The have to be concerned about style and price. There are some great cars available today. They need a big update to the styling

Scott (not verified)    September 23, 2017 - 6:46PM

I'm on my third and last, they've just run there corse as far as I'm concerned. The 2018 is so overpriced it's pathetic. This is what happens when a car maker thinks consumers will buy a model strictly out of loyalty & reputation alone, twenty years ago that thinking was the norm today we have to many choices. It's just not that special of a car anymore. The thing that bothers me the most is Nissans take it or leave it attitude.

Sean (not verified)    September 24, 2017 - 6:38PM

In reply to by Scott (not verified)

Nissan doesn't have a take it or leave it attitude.
They are increasing the value to keep the production down. The 280z and up are vintage and I personally want it kept that way! The Z has history and a racers heart as anyone who owns one is sure to have one too. I don't want the Z to be as ubiquitous as the aforementioned Mustang, Prius or other crap-a-cars.....

So do us all a favor and sell your Z immediately and jump ship quick!

Raffi (not verified)    September 23, 2017 - 8:03PM

All these comments sounds like people that don't own a current z. They start at 30000 cdn to 50000 for a nismo z like the picture of the article they are awsome sorry not comparable to a Hyundai mustang camaro etc as the top notch z is the flag ship for Nissan 2 seater sports car.

Derek Durham (not verified)    September 23, 2017 - 8:38PM

I own a 09 370Z and I love the styling of the current model as well as the the so called 2018 concept "390Z".
Yes the current interior could have been better as well as HP performance. With the current curb weight 400 - 425 HP should be enough power to sell units, and for the love of GOD why can't NISSAN build a Z with either T-tops or a Targa top???

Farouk (not verified)    September 24, 2017 - 1:43AM

I am 2nd owner, I had 350z for 6 years and 370z for more than 4 years, it's the best value car to buy for maintenance costs and interior comfort.
I would suggest the exhaust to sound more masculan and request Nissan to add a turbo.

I have also had 2008 c6 Zo6, so u know it's underpowered, but it's comfortable and easy on maintenance.

Peter Horam (not verified)    September 24, 2017 - 8:00AM

Given the lack of improvement and redesign in the last decade I think the Nismo should be priced at the level of the base model. Perhaps the Nismo should be the only model since it's the only they have actually updated in any slightly meaningful way. At least then you could say in the last 10 years it's got new seats and facelift body kit, a new exhaust and a tiny bit of extra power. At £40,000 it's in Porsche Cayman territory.

Tommy z (not verified)    September 24, 2017 - 8:24AM

Iv owned a 1991 300zx and now a 370z. Both of these cars have been unreal for the money. Plus you can make them as fast as any with little work. Are you seriously comparing A Genesis or a mustang to this Z??! Get real. This was a sad write up and not from fans but haters. Keep hating with you Hyundai and Mustangs lmao!

DavidZ92 (not verified)    January 22, 2018 - 3:51AM

In reply to by Tommy z (not verified)

Ummm Tommy Z you clearly aren't comprehending what people said, or you are a fan boy troll. OF COURSE you can make a Z as fast as you want, but oh wait what's that? You need a little thing called MONEY and lots of it. People aren't saying the 370Z is utter and complete shit, they are saying for the BASE PRICE it is too much money. They aren't saying the Genesis or Mustang is hands down a better car and smashes the 370 into oblivion. What they are saying is, the 370Z is going to be around until at LEAST 2019 and hasnt changed at all in a DECADE and you can buy a 440hp Mustang, with a ton of standard features that the 370 doesn't even offer even as an upgrade and still walk away with cash for mods for said Mustang. I drive a 1971 240Z. I love it and love all the Zs, but fact is I would never buy a NEW 370, hell, even the used ones are insanely overpriced, there's prolly 100 other cars I'd buy before even considering a 370 bc for the money it's not worth it. My sister has a 2005 Mini Cooper S that at her request i did a few slight mods and it completely out runs my best friends 370 and all in my sister only has about $6,000 including the purchase price of the car. My point with all of this, is if you want to get a 370, cool get one, they are good cars. But if someone else wants to get a BETTER car for LESS money then why are you giving them crap? Seriously think about it, you are saying these people are stupid for comparing a Genesis and Mustang to a 370Z, but you are the one who said you could make it as fast as you wanted by spending MORE money. It's not an opinion the Genesis or Mustang are better FOR THE PRICE, that's a FACT, that is proven in a unbiased scientific way with irrefutable evidence and results. Like I said you're either a troll, can't understand this article in the first place, or a kid who thinks he sounds cool. Actually you are probably all of those things.

Selvenjones (not verified)    September 24, 2017 - 10:40AM

Oh man y’all hit it right I’m in the market for a sport car I love Nissan Z cars especially the Nismo, but no good mods for it but the Mustang eco boost has gobs of upgrading that would kill a Z car

Ricardo (not verified)    September 24, 2017 - 12:36PM

Another thing about the Z is audio. The sound of your radio and speakers is weak. My 1995 Honda civic has better sound. In seriusly thinking of getting rid of my Z and not looking back. One last thing I can't believe my Z came with No rear speakers.

Montie (not verified)    September 24, 2017 - 1:53PM

OK, here we go:
In my personal opinion, The Nissan Fairlady Z32 (90-95) is one of the most beautiful vehicles on the road... even to this day. A sleek front nose that says speed while standing still. The head lights sit with an inlaid aggressive profile and because they are glass, you won't find haze after 20+ years. Z32 has a low, squat and it's suspension helps her grip the road in tight turns. The rear end puts any Kardashian to shame while the interior welcomes the driver and wraps you in ergonomic bliss. All controls are at your fingertips.
Nissan should revive the Z32 with the modern technology available.

St.G (not verified)    September 26, 2017 - 4:24PM

In reply to by Montie (not verified)

This guy right here. All that, I’ll co-sign. ‘90 TT owner myself - no joke, I get random people talking with me about it every single day. There is a lot of love out there for this car.

Sean (not verified)    September 24, 2017 - 6:16PM

As a "brand loyalist" the only thing about the Z that's irrelevant IS the price.... Oh! and your opinion. The content of this article is trash and the view point of the penman is juvenile.

For one, the WHOLE body design of the new Mustang Coupes are a complete rip off the Z. Just LOOK at it! The next is useable horse power, and I will put both of my big nuts on the chopping block by challenging the owner of this article to ANY track or road in America that I will stomp his a$$ in my 14' Z against ANY NEW MUSTANG of his choice! The Z was built to exploit the the CURRVY mountain roads of Japan like a man's hand on an hour gl-assed figure of a beautiful woman. The power band and delivery is impeccable and the balance point is second only to an F-1 and (YOU) would know that if you owned one. No one in Tampa, Florida has ever driven by me or driven their car like me. Not a Maserati, not a Porsche, BMW, Ferrari or MUSTANG! But several 07' and up 370zzz have always driven to enthuse themselves in my home town.

Like I said before, this article is TRASH!

Danno (not verified)    September 24, 2017 - 9:34PM

I own a 2016 Nismo 370z, this is my second 370z. Yes it's dated, but I could care less, the current 370z is a great design. Some newer redesigned cars are not as good as the ones they replace, only time will tell with the Z. A 370z or a Nismo is not for everyone, but it was built for ME! Few cars offer the power and suspension for the price, the 100% JDM built Z is originally designed as sports car from the bottom up, not an econo box with upgrades. It has little to compare to the old 300ZX, it's not the same, but I would like to have a 300ZX in the stable as they too are classic cool. Sure the other newer cars have multiple traction controls and seat four, but 370z is a two seater mid engine rear wheel drive sports car. Seldom a day or two goes by where someone complements me that it is a good looking car. Three people who live within one block of me have new gen cameros. Two have new gen mustangs. I am the only one in town with a 15-16-17 Nismo Z. A person can buy a base model Z for $30K and build it the way you want, add a turbo for less than $10K installed and some suspension, and have an animal with all the power you need. But I wanted a Nismo, love the comfortable leather Ricaro seats, excellent suspension and Bose stereo.

Raffi (not verified)    September 26, 2017 - 9:24AM

I love the true z owners here as they discuss quality and not quantity. When I sat in those recaro nismo seats I was sold looking at the tachometer dead smack in the middle 6 speed revmatch that Nissan made and companies like companies like gm Porsche use it in there highest of model sports car says a lot

Jp (not verified)    January 9, 2018 - 7:29AM

I have a 2007 350z and I love it . It's a great car . I have been waiting for the new z to debut. I don't understand why Technology from the GTR can't trickle down to the Z. I don't expect Z to compete with the GTR but some of the technology to trickle down would be nice . Nissan should not let this great car die . Put some effort and money into it and it will sell . At least put the Nismo motor in the base car and develop a new motor for the nismo . The 350 got a refresh in 2007 there has been no refresh for the 370 And i don't consider a new body kit and paint a refresh.