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7 Huge Updates That Are Coming To Tesla Model S and Model X Soon

What are your thoughts on these seven huge and new updates that may be arriving to Tesla Model S and Model X soon?

Several days ago Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed a list of updates that are coming to Model S, Model X and even Model 3 cars soon. These updates are coming per the requests of current Tesla drivers. What are your thoughts on them?

1. Your Tesla will have the ability to turn on heated window and seat via app.

2. It can use all 8 Cameras as Dashcam.

3. It will have an ambient light settings (brightness, footwell front and rear seats)

4. Tesla will recognize signs.

5. The music will be quieter when opening all doors (with settings).

6. It will have a disco mode (Ambient light to music beat with on/off and brightness).

7. Your Tesla will have a feature to alert family members when a Tesla driver selects “home” as a destination in navigation including ETA.

Which of these updates do you think will be the most useful and handy for Tesla drivers? Please share your opinions below in the comments section. If you liked this article and think it may help your friends, consider sharing or tweeting it to your followers.

In fact in his earlier Tweet where Musk asked about “How can we improve further?” people requested windshield wipers that automatically change speed based on how much rain there is. Tesla's CEO said that this update would be “coming very soon”. In fact, it came this morning. Torque News will cover it very soon. and you can read about it in our Tesla News section.

Watch the video of Tesla's Automatic Windshield Wipers that change the speed according to rain's heaviness.

Update: The day after this story was published Tesla Model S Owners Just Asked For 5 More Updates.

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I love Tesla and these are great updates, but please fix the streaming. It needs help.
I am hoping the 8 camera dashcam system 'Stitches' the images for a 360 birds eye! Should help alleviate curb rash and front under bumper scraping when parking nose first!
Unless it is a dashcam that I can access, view, download etc the video from, anytime I want than it is pretty useless. I want to know how valet parking guys treat my Model S.
If they actually added a 360 camera view using those Autopilot cameras (to be used when parking, etc), I might be persuaded to upgrade my Model S from my 2012.
Heated windows and seat via app will be nice. Recognize signs will be nice. But i really miss quicker automatic brightness adjustment of the screens when the car enters a dark tunnel. The automatic brightness adjustment is really slow today (faster adjustment will increase driving safety as well).
I would like the App to alert if the car is NOT plugged in - sometimes I forget to plug in when I get home - major issues if I get out to the car in the morning and it is 2/3 depleted... The App could easily communicate with the car, knows when scheduled charging time is and knows if it is plugged in. I would want an alert/alarm to go off to remind me to plug in!
Just put a reminder on your calendar app for every evening when the power cost goes lower
Yes thanks - but this doesn't help if the car is not plugged in!
Still waiting for the smooth-as-silk AP... AP on secondary roads still tries to run into trees and on-coming traffic
I find 8 and 4 the most useful. Is the battery level readable on a smartphone ? And an alerts for no power connected
Closing in on AP 1. Recordable daschcam will be very nice , and hopefulle with accsess from app. Still wish to adjust front passenger seat from screen.
Still waiting for an electronically dimming sunroof. I see Fisker's E-motion is flaunting one, along with electronically dimming rear windows. What's the holdup?