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Rolls-Royce embraces Provenance to address its used cars

After finding a better way to address its pre-owened cars Rolls-Royce forays into the market of used cars calling the program Provenance.

To certify its second-hand vehicles, Rolls Royce has set up a special program certifying the origin of its pre-owened cars, providing quality control and extensive extended warranty. The company had long avoided this segment of the business not wanting its cars to be referred to something as low class as "used car." Thus, as USA Today notes it, the company dressed up the idea and now tries to get the word out about Provenance: its "approved programme for pre-owned cars," not used.

Brands certifying their used vehicles is common among most manufacturers. Even the luxury car makers have programs like this. Ferrari and Porsche have their own. Mercedes, Audi and BMW have long proposed traceability guarantees and maintenance of their second-hand cars sold in their networks. Rolls-Rooyce is now in with its Provenance.

Pre-owened Rolls-Royce certification program is assigned only to vehicles sold in the official network of the auto manufacturer. It involves a strict control of the car's history. Rolls-Royce's 81 dealers world-wide then give the car a 24 month guarantee and offer it for sale at a discounted price. Still this price is much higher than what an average driver pays for his or her car.

Rolls-Royce also offers a 24/24 unlimited assistance, automatically included in this pre-owened certification program.

"Every pre-owned Rolls-Royce motor car must reach the highest possible standards to be part of Rolls-Royce Provenance. Only after it has completed a series of rigorous checks will it be available for purchase. Our dealership staff are on hand to take you through the whole process - from advising on which models are available to assisting you in adding optional accessories or bespoke items," writes Grant Wilson, the brand's sales support manager regard the automaker's pre-owned sales.