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Sometimes This Tune Has The Best Advice When It Comes To Car Bets

Maybe, if Brandon Marshall had listened to "The Gambler," he wouldn't be walking around while his Porsche heads to Antonio Brown. The wide receivers wagered "the pinks" on who would garner more yardage. In the last weekend of the regular season, Brown has an insurmountable lead.
Posted: December 29, 2016 - 6:40PM
Author: Marc Stern


If you’re familiar with the lyrics to “The Gambler,” you know that it says that “you have to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away …”

Maybe, if New York Jets wideout Brandon Marshall had opted for the tune’s advice, he wouldn’t be walking as the new year rolls in.

At the start of the season, Marshall and the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Antonio Brown, an outstanding wide receiver, made a “small” wager, their cars. Brown drives a Rolls-Royce and Marshall motors in a Porsche. The pair wagered their rides, based on received yardage “for the pinks.”

And, as the season comes into its last weekend, Brown’s lead over Marshall is insurmountable.

As NFL season week 17 dawns, the yardage race looks this way:

  • Brown: 1,284
  • Marshall: 788

Both of the totals are incredible, but, Brown has “received the doors” off Marshall. Now, there’s just one item left, delivery. Will Brown drive it over and hand it to brown, or he will have it picked up and trucked away?

If Marshall had hoped Brown had forgotten the wager, the Jets receiver found out on Twitter Thursday that the Steelers’ wideout remembered.

Brown tweeted:

@BMarshall you could send me the pink slip, or donate the car to @PROJECT375!

Glad we’re both healthy, mentally and physically !!

If Marshall opts to donate his Porsche, he will be giving it to Brown’s charity. If the Jets vet chooses donation, the Porsche can be auctioned to raise money.

Maybe, though, Brown wants another vehicle for his collection. We’ll just have to wait the weekend is over to find out.