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Rolls-Royce: Don't Call the Cullinan An SUV, Not Planning To Do A Smaller Vehicle

Rolls-Royce is one of the few automakers that can get away with calling a type of vehicle something else.
Posted: September 12, 2016 - 9:47AM
Author: Will Maley


Take for example Project Cullinan, an SUV that the British luxury brand will be launching in 2018. But Rolls-Royce will not be calling the Cullinan (or whatever the final name will be) an SUV.

“Project Cullinan? We call it a high-sided vehicle. SUV is not necessarily the right thing to call it because it’s not necessarily sports, it’s not necessarily utility,” said Andrew Boyle, Rolls' global product communications manager to

“A number of other brands are entering into this area as well, with their own interpretations of what a luxury SUV should be. You’ll have to wait to see what we decide it should be, but I think you’ll find that it’ll be a different interpretation to what’s available today.”

We know Rolls has been testing Project Cullinan with modified Phantom mules and that it will use a new modular aluminum platform that will underpin the next Phantom (also expected in 2018). But what we don't know what it will look like. Reading between the lines of Boyle's comments, we're guessing something along the lines of a high-riding wagon - think Subaru Outback/Audi A4/A6 Allroad.

Don't Expect Anything Below the Ghost

Bentley is currently expanding their lineup with the Bentayga SUV and a small coupe. This has some wondering if Rolls would do the same. put this question to Andrew Boyle.

“There may be a place in the world for it [a small Rolls-Royce] but I don’t think we’re going to build it,” said Boyle.

The reason comes down to their customers still wanting models with V12 engines.

“We are very happy with the offering that we make today, and I believe our customers are very happy with it as well. The belief and expectation among our customers is that it’s a car that is V12-engined for the moment,” said Boyle.

Pic Credit: Rolls-Royce