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Tesla Is Building Enormous Superchargers at Giga Shanghai Needed For The Ramp

Tesla is building one of the world's largest superchargers at Giga Shanghai and preparing a 1 million yearly vehicle production ramp.

Torque News friend Wuwa has a video, showing Tesla building one of the largest superchargers in the world at Giga Shanghai. It's huge. Why is Tesla doing it? The company is probably preparing for the ramp of Giga Shanghai to reach one million vehicle production per year.

Wuwa says this may be one of the largest Tesla Superchargers in the world under construction. We can see from the video that an already built unit has 32 charging piles. If you add the units on the side, there will be 64 supercharging piles, which is more than the 56 parking spaces built in California. This supercharging station at Tesla Giga China is even bigger.

"At present, Tesla’s world’s largest supercharging station in China, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai all include supercharging stations that can accommodate 50 cars. If Tesla’s Shanghai factory is building a charging station for 64 cars If the supercharging station is established, it will set a new record," explains Wuwa in a video description.

Zachary Shahan from Clean Technica has a note that may explain why Tesla is building this huge Supercharger at Giga Shanghai.

Shahan writes that at the Battery Day there was one comment that the Tesla-oriented writers on his team here at CleanTechnica world headquarters thought was new. Elon noted that Giga Shanghai (Tesla’s factory in Shanghai, China) could eventually produce 1 million vehicles a year.

"Tesla recently indicated it would start sending some of the vehicles produced in Shanghai to other countries, so the hypothetical 1 million vehicle peak rate wouldn’t just be for China. I’ll see if I can get any extra comments from Elon in the coming weeks on how those vehicles would, hypothetically, be split across different countries.

"The bulk of the vehicles could probably be sold in China. Demand for the Model 3 and Model Y is sky high and could certainly grow over time as more people become aware of the products and as costs come down. Additionally, there’s been a rumor that a Chinese design team is working on developing a somewhat smaller and more affordable car than anything Tesla offers (what we here at the CleanTechnica world headquarters rooftop pool like to call “Tesla Model 2” or “Tesla Model C”)," Shahan wrote in his article.

This could well explain why Tesla needs more superchargers at Giga Shanghai, simply because there is going to be increased activity there.

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