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Ford Is Developing New EV Platform For Its Next-Gen Cars

Ford Is Developing New EV Platform For Its Next-Gen Cars


Ford is reportedly working on creating its own electric vehicle architecture for its next-generation cars from mid-decade onwards, moving on from Volkswagen's MEB platform. This is part of Ford's plans to develop an advanced electric vehicle architecture that will power their future electric cars. Ford's electric vehicle architecture is expected to be more advanced than the MEB and will offer more flexibility for automakers to customize the design of their cars.

So Ford is cutting its ties with VW, the relationship it much needed to enter the European electric vehicle market.

According to Financial Times, Ford is looking to move away from Volkswagen’s MEB platform as it develops its own in-house system. Martin Sander, head of electric vehicles in Europe, has said the new system is “very versatile and very capable” and Ford is exploring all kinds of opportunities for what kinds of vehicles it can produce with the system.

Ford is open to developing electric vehicles with VW or other automakers, but Sanders has said a final decision has yet to be made. The company previously announced it would be scrapping production of the Fiesta in order to focus on electric vehicles, and Sanders added that Ford may end gas-powered sales before the 2030 deadline if demand for electric vehicles increases faster than expected.

Ford is investing heavily in electric vehicles and the development of its in-house system is a key part of that. The company is hoping the system will give it more control over the design and production of its EVs, as well as provide a more competitive edge in the market. The company has already released its first all-electric vehicle, the Mustang Mach-E, and is planning to release several more in the coming years.

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