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First Concrete Column Erected at Tesla Giga Texas


We are witnessing immediate progress at Tesla Giga Texas after it shifted to 24/7 three-shift operations, raising its 1st pillar.

Several days ago we reported that Tesla Giga Texas made a decision to shift the operations into three shifts and work 24/7 to speed up the construction of Tesla's Cybertruck Gigafactory.

Today we see immediate progress as a result of this giga shift as Tesla raises the first pillar in the construction zone.

Our friends Joe Tegtmeyer and Jeff Roberts took photos and videos of the first pillar at Giga Texas.

According to Teslarati, "He arrived on site just in time to see the huge pillar being delivered on site and witnessed it rising from the ground, much like the rest of Gigafactory Texas will be in the coming months. Roberts happened to also break the news that Tesla would be switching to three shifts for Giga Texas’ construction, effectively speeding up its schedule."

Tegtmeyer reports that the first concrete column at Giga Texas is located in the "Great Bit Pit" area. He also thinks that more pillars will be installed “to support gantry cranes for the stamping machine dyes” in the massive Gigafactory. You can see how many visible changes have happened at Giga Texas in the past several days.

Teslarati's Maria Merano writes, "Based on all the work going on at Giga Texas daily, Tesla doesn’t seem to be wasting any time. Simultaneous construction projects are happening in different areas of the 2,000-acre piece of land. And more work will be done in the outskirts of Giga Texas, too. Recently, the Austin City Council approved a resolution to develop East Austin, an area near Giga Texas."

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